Catching Up

Living in a van and being in the city is so stressful now. I just want to go home to the woods. I’m 1/6 of the way there, financially. I got in touch with the good vet and she lined Bro’s spine up, vertabra by vertebra, but said it wasn’t that bad. His pee is… Continue reading Catching Up

Part Two Of The Adventures

My mom and her husband were going the same way I was, so we decided to loosely follow each other and get pizza together a couple hundred miles down the road. I left her house first and hurried to get ahead of them so I didn’t fall too far behind when I stopped to get… Continue reading Part Two Of The Adventures

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If you are a spell weaving or candle lighting or reiki sending person, please do some for Bro. His spine is all out of wack, which isn’t totally unusual except that our canine chiropracting friend can’t fix it like normal. It’s making all his muscles cramp up down into his stomach, and pinching a nerve… Continue reading Bro

Meeting in a Coffee Shop

“Tara?” He’s asking, tentative. He looks absolutely the same, plus facial hair. “Omigoddess, I haven’t seen you in years!! How are you?” “I’m married and I have six kids now! This is my oldest daughter, Rain.” “Wow… to that same woman? The one that was writing the book?” Yeah, the same woman. They built two… Continue reading Meeting in a Coffee Shop

Uh Ohs

It’s been cloudy and I’ve been sitting inside on the computer too much and now I have barely any electricity.  Just enough to write this.


People keep asking me to write about Sarah Palin or Wasilla. I don’t know Sarah Palin. I don’t keep up with politics. I don’t want a president and I refuse to vote for one. I did vote for the second time ever a couple weeks ago on ballot measures, because I do know that it’s… Continue reading Politics

Vibe Review: Gigi

I was so excited when I saw the Gigi on the VibeReview site. It looked like an even better shaped version of the Iris (my all time favorite)! I emailed them right away asking to try the Gigi on my next shipment. In reality, they are not that similar. The Gigi is smaller and slimmer… Continue reading Vibe Review: Gigi

Pictures: Home

Bro, working hard to dislodge a Big Stick the beavers stuck in the mud at the bottom of the river: Bear poop for DeAnna: Where the beaver have been hard at work: (I’m trying to upload more, but it’s taken most of my battery power to upload these. Maybe I’ll do more tomorrow.)

Home again!

I’m home again! Going to town turned out to be more of an adventure than I’d thought. After I threw everything in the boat I jumped in, pushed off, and went to start the engine (guys who are about to tell me what I’m doing wrong: relax – the water basically doesn’t move here, and… Continue reading Home again!

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