Alaskans I have loved, v3

So here I am, sitting at this coffeeshop writing a story about the hand fetishist I met last night when I looked up and saw my seventh grade science teacher talking to one of the city planning people who gather here to hypothesize about things like energy and commerce and grassroots government. We had the… Continue reading Alaskans I have loved, v3

Ladies, there is a Stripping Emergency

’tis the season of shitty stripper money, right? Not if you’re where the returning troops are. I don’t have much info, but email/call/comment if you wanna know where (not here). (A Stripping Emergency is when demand far excedes supply.)

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Ladies and Gentlemen

I thought I had discovered every fetish. A couple years of stripping took care of the normal ones: feet, stockings, ball kicking, white knights, spit, pee, stuff like that. Further explorations in phone sex, fetish sessions, and a decade or so of stripping took care of the rest: erotic hypnosis, money ripping, watermelon stomping, belly… Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen

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Lately I can’t find the right place to sleep, and I end up circling the town a few times before I can make up my mind. I’m not sure if this means that I’ve been here too long or that I should stay, but the other day someone compared my midnight loops to the way… Continue reading Levitating

Wonder Man Awards

As long as we’re having Wonder Woman awards I want to have Wonderful Man awards too. When I google image’d Wonder Man, this is the only non violent or misogynist picture that came up, so… here it is. WildeRix is my favorite guy on the blogosphere. Check out his Wage Slavery series and his rewilding musings. This guy is my hero. I seriously want to print out everything he posts,… Continue reading Wonder Man Awards