I am moving my hips in front of him on stage, and he is putting a dollar on the rail, another dollar, another dollar. As he puts them up, I clear them away and keep dancing. He leans forward, putting another dollar up. “Let me see your pussy.” I smile. “Let me see your money.” He… Continue reading Moneymoneymoneymoney

Darcy and Alder to the Rescue

I’ve had these owie’s on my foot for a while. They’re way down there on my foot, out of visual range yanno, so I hadn’t paid much attention to them. My shoes broke a few weeks ago and I haven’t been wearing any (it’s crazy, I keep thinking people will notice, but they don’t), so… Continue reading Darcy and Alder to the Rescue

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Home, Without Shades

 “Hey! Womens!”   My mom sighs. “God, I hate this.”   “Really?” I think she should be used to it and good at handling it. After all, she was an adult when I was a kid and I was just a child. But she is scared like a newbie stripper, and maybe that explains my… Continue reading Home, Without Shades

T-Shirt Surgery

Everyone’s doing it, so I tried it too.  My favorite shirt is cool now. I didn’t mean to expose this much skin, but somewhere between the test shirt and this shirt things went slightly awry.  Oh well.

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Shades of Home

To drive anywhere I pass a bunch of other wheres. One of the wheres this time was my mothers house. I got all the seats out of the bus! Most of the bolts came right out, but I used and angle grinder on a few. I don’t know why I didn’t take any good pictures… Continue reading Shades of Home