buck tuckin'

Did I mention that here in small town America they have a name for stage side tipping, and it’s buck tuckin.  As in, “hey girl I’m sorry I didn’t come up to tuck bucks but you know I don’t like to go up to the stage without my buck tuckin buddies.”  Ain’t it cute? I’m… Continue reading buck tuckin'

Only here.

I’m in the smallest, drunkest, Christianist little town. The WalMart has a sign saying that it’s open 24/7, except for sunday, “due to the Lord.” Yesterday I talked to man who (after telling me how he sells meth) could not have a lapdance because it is a sin. Sometimes he spills his own seed, which… Continue reading Only here.

Best Of Hobo Stripper

Re-Examining the Premisis Some Thoughts on Agriculture The Down Side Stripper Drama Dirt Feminism, Stripping, and Wage Slavery North to Alaska! A Little Strip Club Parable Stripping, drinking, and profundity It’s come to that, has it?