Oh, these tangled webs…

My booking is done here, and I’m booked back in a couple weeks.  So I thought maybe I’d go find a river in a national forest and enjoy some peace and solitude, but it seems that every national forest is full of very drunk men around here.  Crazy.  So I also needed to go a bit south and visit my mechanical friend for some idler arm replacement (and tie rod, maybe?  It moves where they attatch, I can’t tell if it’s both or just one).  Visiting that friend is more fun when a stripper friend (who happens to be here) comes with me.  But she missed a flight and her cars in some other state.  So we hatched up a plan that involves visiting our mutual friend and then working next weekend in the next state over and then coming back here.

So. Friend time. But no river time.


  1. Am I the first to comment ? 😉 You made a response to mine on SW , so I will return the favor !

    I am absolutly FASCINATED that you are doing the live in the van/travel/have time to breathe/enjoy thing ! I have traveled all over the western U.S. , but it’s been hostels/ hotels/ ect. and much of it has been for work ( leaving little time to enjoy the day to day of the travel ).

    Anyway …….. I look forward to reading your blog and hearing about your adventures. ~Carmen B.

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