Driving North

North, south, north, I’m starting to get dizzy! So I drove north a little yesterday, stopped and worked at my favorite little titty bar in the whole state (where the money/bullshit ratio has totally righted itself) and made a suprising chunk of change in a couple hours.  Now I’m in little Amerikkka and I can’t… Continue reading Driving North

I'm back!

Way back when I bought my laptop, I gave the laptop before to Darcy, who used it for a little while before she got a new laptop. Now that my laptops outta the running for a bit, this old laptop has made it’s way back to me. Thanks Darcy!!! It’s soooo slow though. It literally… Continue reading I'm back!

Flashback: Scoping It Out

I’m off in a little cabin by the dumpster watching the Bald Eagles hunt trash. Tell you ’bout it when I get back. In the meantime… My mom and her husband are talking about spending some time in an RV or van when they retire. The other day my mom asked me how to scope… Continue reading Flashback: Scoping It Out

Flashback: Idler Arms

Till I get online again we’re gonna have some flashback posts. This is from way back when. A few months ago I was in Washington changing a wheel bearing and this guy told me that my idler arms were falling off and I was going to die driving down the freeway. It’s cool that if… Continue reading Flashback: Idler Arms

Breaking Eggs x2

In the morning it’s cold. Really cold. Maybe the coldest I’ve ever climbed out of bed to. I jump out of the van, throw on my coats and hat, start the van and run straight up the mountain trail with Bro. I’m still a little warm from the down, and fifty feet up the trail… Continue reading Breaking Eggs x2

Breaking Eggs

I drive north through the mountains in the dark, as usual. The sky goes up a million years, and the stars I see reflections of snow and chickweed. The road is long and curvy, and Bro curls up tiny in my lap. I want to drive these roads forever. I want to leave these roads… Continue reading Breaking Eggs