Herb Conference

The conference was great. To summarize: – Great spot, great people. – I love older hippies. They totally inspire me, plus they remind me that I never want to Sell Out and Work For The Man. – I went totally expecting that everyone would know way more than me. But it turns out that a… Continue reading Herb Conference

no sleep since…

Last night in the middle of my pathetic flip flop wearing stripperness I remembered: these weekend is the Alaska Herb Conference. Why limp around at work in a bitchy mood making half what I could be making when I could be at the Herb Conference? So I left work at 1AM and drove straight through,… Continue reading no sleep since…

Stories from home

There are things I always thought were normal until I moved to the lower 48 and found out that the rest of the world finds them kind of crazy. The other day my mom was driving from the big little town where my sister lives to the little village where she lives, which is on… Continue reading Stories from home

the frivolous side

Here in Alaska we have this little logo stickered or stamped on veggies and stuff that’s grown here. We Alaskans have a lot of Alaska pride, and most of us try to stick to the Alaska Grown food and Alaska Made (that’s a whole other logo) widgets. My little sister just got the Alaska Grown… Continue reading the frivolous side