Martial Law Is Here and Money Doesnt Exist

From Democracy Now: Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit inside the United States for the first time to serve as an on-call federal response in times of emergency. The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent thirty-five of the… Continue reading Martial Law Is Here and Money Doesnt Exist

Meeting in a Coffee Shop

“Tara?” He’s asking, tentative. He looks absolutely the same, plus facial hair. “Omigoddess, I haven’t seen you in years!! How are you?” “I’m married and I have six kids now! This is my oldest daughter, Rain.” “Wow… to that same woman? The one that was writing the book?” Yeah, the same woman. They built two… Continue reading Meeting in a Coffee Shop

Interview With My Mom

If you’ve been reading a while, you remember the interviews with my mom from last summer.  They’re seasonal, like my contact with her.  Anyways, if you missed them before, click here to get to them. So tell me about the time when we were out on trapline and dad broke his back? He didn’t break… Continue reading Interview With My Mom


If any woman, anywhere in the world, hears footfalls behind her on a darkened street, she has reason to be afraid. Robin Morgan called that the democracy of fear under patriarchy. – Derrick Jensen Lona is becoming a woman, and my motherly friend has been instructing her in all the necessary things. Make up, clothes,… Continue reading Violence

For Love Of Salmon

I’m barefoot in a little cotton dress when I hit the river, running into it like my feet have always known it. Some of the fishermen, standing knee deep in the water, one every few feet as far as I can see, stare at me. Some don’t. I dive and catch the salmon just as… Continue reading For Love Of Salmon

Home, Without Shades

 “Hey! Womens!”   My mom sighs. “God, I hate this.”   “Really?” I think she should be used to it and good at handling it. After all, she was an adult when I was a kid and I was just a child. But she is scared like a newbie stripper, and maybe that explains my… Continue reading Home, Without Shades

Shades of Home

To drive anywhere I pass a bunch of other wheres. One of the wheres this time was my mothers house. I got all the seats out of the bus! Most of the bolts came right out, but I used and angle grinder on a few. I don’t know why I didn’t take any good pictures… Continue reading Shades of Home

At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar

“God,” he says, by way of introduction, reaching up to shake my hand. This is his assertion of dominance. A man with money in a room full of hungry whores. “Goddess,” I respond, pulling my dress down to protect my ass from the roughness of the chair as I sit next to him. My assertion… Continue reading At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar