Moving On

I worked another night in that city and made $8. People swore it was the worst two nights in the entire history of the club. It was still pretty fun, even if it wasn’t profitable. One dancer brought her girlfriend to work on a leash and she followed her around, being obedient. They were both… Continue reading Moving On

The Possum Interviews, #1

When I tried posting these a few weeks ago, it didn’t work. A very computer wise guy tried, too, and he says the dell format that I recorded them in is just too fucked to be shrunk or translated.  So I typed up the van dwelling one. For those of you that don’t know, Possum… Continue reading The Possum Interviews, #1

I'm Rich!

I made thirty one dollars last night. I’d always heard that this town was awful for stripping, but I’m used to coming out on top even when things suck for everyone else. Even on the shittiest of nights at a completely empty club I usually have one customer spend a lot of money on me.… Continue reading I'm Rich!