I'm Rich!

I made thirty one dollars last night.

I’d always heard that this town was awful for stripping, but I’m used to coming out on top even when things suck for everyone else. Even on the shittiest of nights at a completely empty club I usually have one customer spend a lot of money on me.

There were a lot of cool people, though, and I think if I lived here I’d work at that club every single day, just for all the awesomeness. Except that I wouldn’t live here. It’s big and scary and Bro has to be on a leash and I got lost in a big bookstore. The bookstore part wasn’t too bad. 😆

So tonight I’m going to try another place. I’m hitting all the “dirty” clubs, because as usual that’s probably where the money is, and because this city is so “clean” that it’s “dirty” is like… well, like stripping was ten years ago.

I just want to make gas money and go home to Alaska, though. I’m starting to think my money flow is cursed or something, though. Do you guys think it’s a sin to take money out of savings to get to a place where I’ll make, like, twenty times what I’m making here?

(Also, check out Davka’s new song, Church Of Each Other. I think I might get naked to it, if I can figure out how to download it.)


  1. To answer your question, I would see it as an investment to take money you have out of savings to get you to where you could make tons. Then you’ll really be banking it. It’s what I like to call shift of capital. If anyone is to be truly successful with money, they have to shift it.

    As far as downloading Davka’s, song, as long as you can save it to your comp, you could either save it to your MP3 player. If you don’t have one of those, just email it to yourself and I’m sure most clubs have internet. You could get the DJ to play it via media player. Or you could by one of those flash drives and save it and lots of other music to it and take it club to club. Or you could burn CD’s on your laptop if the clubs don’t have that kind of access going on. The possibilities are endless, girl.

    Peace to you, hope you make it to your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  2. I do not think that is a “sin” at all if you pay yourself back. If you think you need to go, then that is what you need to do. What is your gut telling you?

    take care friend,
    lindy the bus dweller

  3. haha i thought you forgot about me in the big magic city. 😉 thanks for getting naked to my song. there could be no better compliment.

    and no it isn’t bad to tap into savings to get to where you’re going! that’s what savings are for.

    miss you so much. miss your boots in the snow and your rosehip tea in my tummy.

  4. like davka said, the reason we save money is so that in situations like this you aren’t without options. I’d definitely use it to get where you need to be both physically and financially.

    I loved her song too! I was thinking about the four of us gals the other day and our spirals and bridges meeting. Oh and I have some news about Sunnyhill if you care to email me sometime.

    PS: I also want to solicit you for my magazine!

  5. You are blessed. Your money flow is blessed. Other dancers left the club owing the club last night.
    You are blessed, your money is blessed and waiting for you to claim it.

  6. Love that bookstore. Too many books! The art books alone can absorb hours and hours.

    But yeah, that’s pretty much the tradeoff– lots of awesome people, really amazing people everywhere, but nowhere near enough money or jobs.

    Enjoy your time here.

  7. I agree with arlynnia and everyone else who says that’s what savings is for.

    I was inspired by you to try the topless housecleaning thing, going to do my first gig on Thursday, should be fun 🙂

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