On The Road Again!

I pulled over here to catch up on my email, write blogs for the next week, etc. It’s been three hours and I’m still catching up on email. And there’s more to go. Woops. ❗

So, instead of an actual post, I offer for your amusement a letter that I recieved in the mail. My mom gets my mail, and my mom is very concerned with details. So she emailed me to tell me that there was a letter fwd’d from New Witch Magazine, and it appeared to be hand written, and she’d just sent all my bills and stuff from the last few months, but did I maybe need this now? I emailed her back to just open it and tell me what it said, and she transcribed this:

It is a fairly long hand written letter, with a cover letter to New Witch asking them how this person can get intouch with you. In the cover letter Jason XXXX says he read an article by you in issue 16 and thourt your story was very cool. He is in prision on assult 3, all of his friends and family have stopped writing about 2 yrs ago. “IF I can get an adress somewhere to a positive environment I can get out July 12, 2008.” He is in search of a female for some correspondence, friendship, someone to get to know. He does not subscribe to New Witch on a count of no money, but if they have some extra issues laying around he use them.

He then address you on another page. Quite the wordsmith!

This is an invitation to a unuque friendhip. My name is Jason, my friends and associateds address as JC, I’m in my mid 20’s, 6.1″, 210 lbs., white skin with blue eyes.

I’d like to reach your through words, with ink and paper. Between the lines I’m looking for an open-minded, independent woman. So many women want to judge a man by his past or present position. But I don’t feel a man should be juded by hi character and substance as a man (sic). We all make mistakes, some a little bit bigger than others. But no-ones perfect. I’m not looking for a perfect woman only a perfect match.

Right now your asking yourself were (sic) did this Jason come from. Well miss lady I came from the pacific northwest. I’m diverse and can converse about several topics. I’m openminded and willing to turn a stramger into a new found friend.

So I hope you will accept my invitation for two at the table of life where we can order from a menu of destiny, drink from the glasses of trust and dime from the plates of Friendship and understanding. Like they say all giants reach high and all kings must have an empire but in order for my empire to be complete I must have a queen. I believe in trust, honsty and loyalty, the foundations necessary for a healthy consistet friendship.

I will keep ll dialogue on the front lines with you. I’m not into playing head games or with ones emotions, I’m only hoping your take the same chance I did, by writing you this letter and write me back. A close and lasting friendship is a flower for all seasons, it makes it start in the heart for many lovely reasons, it doesnt blossom overnight but on gentle smiles and kind tears to the end. Few gifts can compare with a close and lasting friendship the kind I hope we can share.

(Jail Address)

crime: Assault 3
early release if I have an address to get out to; July 12th, 2008
next date October 5, 2009
Age 25
Capricorn. January 12th

Gee, do you think he needs an address to get out to?

I wish I would attract cool people who are in jail for good reasons, instead of random manipulative people who assaulted someone.


  1. “Capricorn people are hard workers and many of them make excellent teachers, lawyers and statesmen. They are also quiet and diplomatic and know how to be subtle and tactful in their dealings with others. It may take a long time for you to get to know a Capricorn person, because he is often serious and shy by nature.”

    Somehow I don’t think he’s really a Capricorn.

  2. That guy’s a keeper . . . I mean, until he gets out, you can be sure he isn’t in some bar spending your money, Tara . . . anyway, good to know you are moving again. Here’s to the open highway. . . ~ Irish

  3. I actually know a really cool person who is in jail for doing something remarkably stupid. So, you know, almost as good as a cool person in jail for cool reasons. If you’re looking for a jail pen pal, I’ve got his address.

  4. You should check out http://www.earthclassmail.com. Then you wont have to have your mom get your mail.

    They will scan your mail for you so you can read it online and if you want it they will forward it anywhere you want.

    You can even have multiple mailing addresses.

    I don’t work for them or anything, I just thought they were cool idea for a nomadic way of life.

  5. If you are the Tara who wished me congratulations, I would like to say THANK YOU. I feel marvelous. Everyday is a new day!

  6. What’s a “cool” reason for being in jail? I’ve been in jail… 😉

  7. Pat, hmm, might you be who I think you are?

    Good reasons for being in jail are for defending what you love.

  8. I found your blog through that article actually =) I was really impressed by your quality of writing on your perspective of the life you live. I absolutely adore you!
    I picked up the magazine since it had a Portlandia photo in it, and I never really knew what that statue meant until then and I’m inspired by it everytime I see it…. so I thought it meant I should buy the mag.
    I’m definetly glad you wrote, and I read. It’s like a magickal dose of brilliance <3 🙂 😎

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