I’m hanging out with Possum and eating great food and witch doctoring each other and everythings wonderful. In the midst of all this I haven’t written anything. I did interview Possum, but I can’t seem to upload the video. So, instead, here’s something I wrote a long time ago, which Kate reminded me of with… Continue reading Nightwalking

Stripper Self Defense

The song starts and I lean into him, breasts in his face, and jiggle for a second before I pull back and push my dress down. It’s an art, the way it comes down, and then I lean back into him, brushing his hand away from his thigh before I slide my leg along it.… Continue reading Stripper Self Defense

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“Bro,” I say, “I’m going into this truck stop. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back. Please lay down and don’t bark at people because you know they’ll call the cops on me for keeping you in a van.” He looks at me, turns his head, and barks at the woman getting out of the next… Continue reading Eclipse

Taking Stock

Whew. I’m finally done with my two weeks of dancing in this crazy drunken little christian town. Having to work at five every day and expend enormous amounts of social and physical (at this club I’m on stage for exactly one third of the eight hours they’re open) energy just doesn’t lend itself well to… Continue reading Taking Stock

Who Are You Guys? (v.2)

I’ve been thinking about the direction I’m taking this blog (stories, van dwelling info, stripping info, etc.), and I have some questions for you guys. If you’re reading, leave a comment and let me know: How did you get here? How long have you been reading? Why do you come back? What do you want… Continue reading Who Are You Guys? (v.2)