“Bro,” I say, “I’m going into this truck stop. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back. Please lay down and don’t bark at people because you know they’ll call the cops on me for keeping you in a van.”

He looks at me, turns his head, and barks at the woman getting out of the next car. I swear he’s developing a sense of humor.

So, since I haven’t written the book review I was going to, I want to tell you about some good stuff on the internet.

Urban Vandweller wrote something great about finding places to park.

Autumn wrote a stripper manifesto. I can’t figure out how to link to it, so just scroll down.

Susan is where I just was.

Darcy teaches us winter health.

and Jonna is watching the moon, too…


  1. I’m first! I’m first!

    hee hee I watched the moon too tonight. Almost missed it til I started getting text messages saying “Go look at the moon! Get off your ass!” and a few other variations.

  2. The eclise was great….find a public place and look up you can get a pretty good crowd going. sometimes its fun to do when theres nothing to look at ,but people will start looking too 😈

  3. I missed it! Came home after a long day at the bank and fell asleep on the couch like the tool that I am. 😳 Darn. Now I have to wait till 2010. Friends say it got really reddish down here in the Florida skies.

  4. That stripper manifesto isn’t surprising in itself – but you’ve always seemed a lot less bitter about stripping and customers at a strip club. Or are you just more polite?

  5. I saw the elipse. I do believe that I performed the best magic ever with my mirror. I seen something in my mirror that night indeed!!!

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