I'm home!

I was greeted by otters and gifted with bear poop! More in a few days…

Badness and Reality

Once a woman wrote to me that for the entire month or two that she was a stripper she thought that the men were putting acid and poisons on their hands to burn her and make her sick. It was ironic because a few months before she had announced authoritatively to an email list I… Continue reading Badness and Reality

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Today I drove aaaalll the way up here, and now I’m stuck on Indian time. This isn’t derogatory, or even a bad thing. It’s just slow and impulsive. Which is good. I’m a slow impulsive person, and I’m working on patience. I have to wait for the guy who’s selling me the boat to fix… Continue reading Waiting

It's Official!

I signed the papers and handed over the money today and now… I own land!  And a little cabin! So I bought a bunch of food and an axe and a gadget that’s supposed to make the internet come right out of thin air that may or may not work, and tomorrow I’m going to go load it… Continue reading It's Official!


Vibe Review is having a sale! You can save ten percent on sex toys, and support my blog, by clicking here!

Vibe Review: Feeldoe

“Holy shit,” she says, staring as I dump my stuff sack of sex toys out on the bed. Shiny sleek silicone, gummy plastics, pleather cuffs, and silver bullets tumble across the red quilt. “I told you,” I smile. “They send me lots of vibrators.” She nods and we both strip naked. We are last summer’s… Continue reading Vibe Review: Feeldoe


All over the country, strippers are sleeping in cars, vans, jeeps… and a bookmobile!! Ashton has done really awesomely creative and successful things in the sex industry, so this promises to be a very cool bookmobile.


Katie taught me The First Thing You See. When I’m on the road, I stop and sleep in beautiful places. These are some of the first things I’ve seen upon waking up. Out the other window: Cultural exploitation at it’s worst: (This photo can be viewed in person at Wal Mikes on the Parks Highway.)… Continue reading Pics!

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Life has been happening faster than I can process (or write) it. There’s a lot to write about, but I don’t know how much of it I want to write – lately I feel even more private about my life than I have before. My brakes got stuck on, tho, and I changed them. It… Continue reading Update