Katie taught me The First Thing You See. When I’m on the road, I stop and sleep in beautiful places. These are some of the first things I’ve seen upon waking up.

Out the other window:

Cultural exploitation at it’s worst:

(This photo can be viewed in person at Wal Mikes on the Parks Highway.)

I got this big wooden box out of the dumpster:

And turned it into OSB boards and 2×4’s and 2×6’s. Here’s the van packed full of dumpster diving spoils:


  1. Tara-
    Beaautiful photos! Thanks for sharing ’em. Katie’s wise. Nemo and I went camping this weekend at Lassen, and had the joy of awakening to an amazing view. Of course, we were awakened by bright sun into the tent after only 5 hours of sleep because we’d climbed the volcano by the light of the full moon the night before, but oh, my– beautiful views are good for the soul.

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