All over the country, strippers are sleeping in cars, vans, jeeps… and a bookmobile!! Ashton has done really awesomely creative and successful things in the sex industry, so this promises to be a very cool bookmobile.


  1. Wage slavery. The dominant culture. Wage slavery. The say the dominant culture says you should live in a stick house and work every single day of your life to pay for it. Wage slavery. The idea that it’s sooo important to be in one place doing the same thing all the time, and new experiences should only happen with lots of money and control. Wage slavery.

    But I can only speak for myself.

  2. i dig it. to each her own.

    i will ask, however, don’t you think the term ‘wage slavery’ is sort an afront to all those people, living and dead, who have existed in the condition of actual slavery?

    people with jobs can always quit, which pretty much disqualifies them from being called slaves.

  3. But that’s the thing is you can’t quit or else you lose your pretty stick house and all your pretty Things You Must Have To Be A Real Person.

    The best you can do is go to another job where you do the same thing. That’s why I quit. I’ve been happier since dropping out than I ever was when I was succesful by the standards of the patriarchy.

  4. i dig where you’re coming from. i just find the use of the term slave when it doesn’t refer to actual slavery to be a bit… inappropriate.

    a farmer who doesn’t get up every morning and tend to his crops won’t have a harvest. is that farmer a slave? is he oppressed by patriarchy?

    by the way, i am glad that you’ve found happiness. we all have to find our own path in this world.

  5. Lance, this isn’t a place for you to argue your views. That’s what your blog is for. 😉

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