Vibe Review: Feeldoe

“Holy shit,” she says, staring as I dump my stuff sack of sex toys out on the bed. Shiny sleek silicone, gummy plastics, pleather cuffs, and silver bullets tumble across the red quilt.

“I told you,” I smile. “They send me lots of vibrators.”

She nods and we both strip naked. We are last summer’s lovers, re-united after a long winter. She is the opposite of anyone you would imagine me with, but we come from the same place. We are different paths from the same beginnings and it pulls us back together, over and over, an eternity of summers watching the sun barely set in each others arms at the tops of mountains. Except tonight we are in a hotel room: there is a minor ghost problem at her house.

Our bodies fit together exactly the same, even though they’ve changed.

“Bro remembers me,” she says. He sighs from where he’s laying on the other bed, then flops over on his side. The first time we slept together Bro stared at her the whole night, a couple times falling asleep sitting up so that they both woke up when his nose fell to her face. But of course he remembers her. She once threw the ball across a stream for him two hundred and twenty two times. I haven’t told her yet how he’s aged over the winter, how forty ball throws can leave him sore for days and he mostly just sleeps in the van now.

We turn our hands into fire and ice, our mouths doorways to each other. This is how it is with us, a certain kind of flow that could go forever or stop any moment.

She stops, pulls away, grabs the feeldoe. I’ve been so excited about this toy ever since it came in the mail, but I haven’t had anyone to try it out with. It’s sort of a double ended dildo, with special shaping so that one person can wear it, like a strap on, by putting the smaller side inside her. “Top or bottom?”



“I’ve gotta try both to write a good review, so I wanna start on top.”

“Ooooh, I see.”

I put the small side inside me. It vibrates. It’s nice. I want to lay there and enjoy it, but I roll over so I’m on top. She doesn’t like that position. She’s got lots more experience with penii, so she shows me a sideways position. It’s great for me, the wearer, but there’s not enough depth for her, so we decide to switch.

I run to the bathroom and clean it off (safe sex always!) really fast, and then she wears it. As soon as she puts it in she loves it. As soon as she slides it into me, I love it. She thrusts in and out and it’s amazing in the way that I’ve always imagined hetero sex is supposed to feel.

The silver bulletis laying next to us and I grab it, put it between our clits. Instant ecstasy. We wiggle and push against each other, the feeldoeinside us, our clits grinding into the silver bullet.

We come together, long, panting orgasms with my legs wrapped around her.

The feeldoe gets five stars, ten stars, a hundred stars from me.

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  1. Hmm…my hubby and I have been wanting one of these for a while! I need to start saving up for that one. 🙂 Glad to hear it is as awesome as we hoped! :mrgreen:

  2. Wow! I am very picky when it comes to sex toys and have a hard time finding ones I like, but your story/review made me want to run out and buy this one immediately! (although I might have to masturbate first imagining the things i can do with it) 😛

  3. Ah, the feedoe. 😉 One of those made an appearance at an orgy I was at a couple of years ago. Not everyone could… keep it in. It was great fun all around, though!

  4. Wha? How could you not keep it in? I didn’t have to even try to keep it in, it’s just perfect for staying in. For me, anyways.

  5. I bought a “stout” one yesterday. I would have preferred the normal one, but there was only one choice. Oh well, I think one is supposed to be slightly afraid of getting cornholed. Hope the wife likes it.

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