I Was Chosen

I said back in the post about the customer with a gun that I’d tell you about the other time I was scared in a strip club. Here it is. I was running so late. It was back when I was going to school, running a business, advocating for kids, and dancing a state away… Continue reading I Was Chosen

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I just manifested wi-fi

I am sitting here in my relative’s driveway. They go to bed early (well, midnight) and I don’t. This is good, because I get plenty of time for Bro snuggles and dulcimer playing and stuff in the dark quiet. This is a driveway with no wi-fi. Trust me, I’ve checked. So, I’m sitting here watching… Continue reading I just manifested wi-fi

Seven Things

CK over at Divine Purpose tagged me with this meme. I’m supposed to tell you seven things you don’t need to know about me. Here goes: 1. I’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for a couple weeks now. They’re wool, and wool doesn’t smell bad even when it’s dirty 2. I own one… Continue reading Seven Things

Hobos I have loved, v.4

We were driving through Montana in the bus when I saw him coming down out of a hill ahead of us. It was a pretty steep hill, and he was using his walking stick to keep upright, a big canvas pack on his back. The pack was what caught my attention. It was one of… Continue reading Hobos I have loved, v.4

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