aquinas never understood why he masturbated every morning with those devil women witches in his head. if he would have heard us in her truck at midnight on the steel city overpass proving the pi fibbonaci sequence in the spiraling of hips, in the serpent woman dance of the ancients, he would have seen god… Continue reading Davka

The Patriotic Gunman

A while ago I was talking with some people about the pop culture image of the strip club as underworld, and someone asked if I’d ever been afraid in a strip club. There’ve been plenty of times when I couldhave been afraid, when someone followed me from the club, pushed boundaries too hard, or went… Continue reading The Patriotic Gunman

Here I Am, Canning

Katie’s asleep next to me, making cute little noises and mumbles. A little while ago she started humming. “Katie, are you awake?” I asked, and she just kept humming, with a couple snores interspersed. Then she rolled over, lifted her sleeping bag straight into the air, and announced something dramatic without ever opening her lips.… Continue reading Here I Am, Canning

Are You Armed?

We got up sooo early this morning and laid in the dirt for a while, getting really grounded, before I drove Katie to the hospital. Hospitals are normally really un-grounding places for me, but this one wasn’t too bad. I attribute this to the huge graveyard across the street, where me and Bro went to… Continue reading Are You Armed?

Herbs For Very Beginners

Back in that who are you thread, a few of you asked about herbs. What to do if you are at the very, very begining. This is not a good time to be at the very begining, because things are not exactly green and growing in most of the world. That said, here is a… Continue reading Herbs For Very Beginners

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The Story of Bro

A while ago Kate wrote the story of Mutt, and she asked me about how I got Bro. It’s a story that runs all together with a bunch of other stories, and they’re hard to untangle. It’s something like this, though. I was living nights in the all hour study area at the University. It… Continue reading The Story of Bro

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I'm a Beaver Goddess

Jonna and I (and some other people) were talking about killing beavers and eating their yummy tails. Beavers are the yummiest animals, but also the sweetest most balanced human-like animals. If you watch them they never waste a single stick or reed, and they communicate verbally like little children do. They live in small family… Continue reading I'm a Beaver Goddess

Cosmic titty continued

Pittsburgh poet and filmmaker, Jessica Fenlon, has written a poem about the Cosmic Titty which connects colonialization to psychic vampirism in a brutal, yet beautiful way. Read it here: please don’t feed the vampires.