I'm a Beaver Goddess

Jonna and I (and some other people) were talking about killing beavers and eating their yummy tails. Beavers are the yummiest animals, but also the sweetest most balanced human-like animals. If you watch them they never waste a single stick or reed, and they communicate verbally like little children do. They live in small family groups and it’s important (not just for the beaver, but for the whole river) to only kill the adolescent beavers or the adult travelling beaver. Anyways, trapping came up, as it often does when people talk about killiing beaver, and Jonna wrote this story.


  1. I’ve got the same questions as Nina! 🙂 Though I really wouldn’t eat a beaver, it’s not like it’s a deer or a chicken and there are enough for everybody. I think beavers need to be protected.
    On topic, but still completely random, but actually quite interesting: A few years ago, when I was studying paleoanatomy, we had to learn all the bones from almost any animal. While most bones from the different species resemble one another a lot, beaver bones always stuck out. They are quite unique in the animal kingdom. Whenever we had a series of bones and were told to classify them, the easiest to spot was always the beaver bone, because it looked like none of the others.
    That’s just one more reason I love beavers, they’re freaks, like me 😀 😀 😀 I wouldn’t eat a beaver…

  2. I love the blog btw.

    Beaver Tails… hmmmm….

    I think humans would be better off if we just disappeared…. where-ever we go we’ll always leave an impact.

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