Book Review: Cunt by Inga Muscio

The other day as I was leaning out a car window screaming, “your God is a war-mongering, son-killing sadist!” at some Godly protesters (hey, they started it), I realized: I’ve gotta write about Cunt here. But how to explain Cunt? Inga Muscio is a genius. She starts off by examining the word. Cunt. It’s meaning,… Continue reading Book Review: Cunt by Inga Muscio

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Hobo's I have loved, v.2

“Hello,” my mother said, staring down at Missy. “You probably don’t know me, but I’m Tara’s mother. She seems to hang out here quite a bit, and I’m trying to locate her.” “Hmmm…” Missy drew it out. “What does she look like?” My mother gave a military description of me. “I dunno man, I’ve been… Continue reading Hobo's I have loved, v.2

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Van re-doing

I was very inspired by those conversion pictures I found the other day. I decided to take everything apart, get new drawers and put them up even with the edge of the bed. I could put curtains in front of them all pretty and it would look very neat and organised. Also I was going… Continue reading Van re-doing

Silly things

A Texan came into the club last night and told Hat-ma that this town is wierd. Really wierd. In fact, he’s staying at the nicest hotel in town and just last night a drunk eskimo came up to him in the parking lot and offered him seven pounds of weed in exchange for a ride… Continue reading Silly things