How to eat good food for $20/week.

Wendy’s been keeping track of her food expenses and meals, and it’s inspired me to join in.

I’m in a place with no grocery store. Just so you guys know. I went shopping before I left and I spent $15 and I’ve been eating good stuff ever since.

This is what I bought:
a dozen eggs
two big organic yogurts
two zuccini
one green pepper
one bar of organic dark chocolate

I already had some things from when I went shopping with my sister’s friend on the military base. They didn’t tell me until I got there that I lost my civil rights when I went through the gate. I mean, not that I really have them anyways, but it was still really scary. I was afraid to buy anything that wasn’t packaged really well though, cause I think they must spray extra flouride and other mind control chemicals on the military people’s fruit and veggies. So when we were there I got fancy olives, fancy pickles, and organic honey, all on the cheap.

So this is what I’ve been eating:

First day:

Breakfast – Yogurt with a couple spoons of the blueberries I picked and canned.
Lunch – I skim some of the fat off the top of a jar of canned caribou sausage, and use that to fry up a third of an onion and some garlic in my 12v pan. Then I pour some of the greasy canning water over the veggies, add some real water, and wait for it to boil. When it boils I drop in two eggs and let them cook. Yummy. If it were summer I’d drop in some roadside greens, too, but it’s not summer.
Dinner – I fry up another third of that onion with half a green pepper and a jar of sausage.

Second day:
Breakfast – yoghurt with a couple more spoons of blueberries.
Lunch – olives, pickles, and a hard boiled egg.
Dinner – sausage and the other half of that green pepper and garlic.

Third day:
Breakfast – yoghurt with blueberry canning juice
Lunch – hard boiled egg, half a fried zuccini
Dinner – onions, garlic, and egg soup.

Fourth day:
Breakfast – yoghurt with the last of the blueberries and blueberry juice from that jar.
Lunch – olives, almonds, and pickles
Dinner – sausage and lots of onion and garlic.

And, ya know, variations on the same. I love my 12 volt frying pan.


  1. I’m absolutely amazed that eating on $20 a week is possible. I blow so much money on food …. that’s the downside of being a “foodie”. I’ve been inspired lately to cut back the expense of my habit a bit and this provide more ispiration to do so.

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