If everyone ate this way, there would be no disease…

Darcy finished her nutrition thesis, which is about the nutritional needs of pregnancy. Part of it is a meal plan, which provides all the nutrition you could possibly need to live and not get sick, plus a few extra calories for pregnancy. If you’re at all interested in food, you should go to Darcy’s blog and… Continue reading If everyone ate this way, there would be no disease…

Selling out

I came here intending to work three or four weeks and make enough money to go back to Alaska and buy some land. I was going to be practical and buy land someplace near a road, so that I could drive to a town and work, probably to pay off the rest of the land,… Continue reading Selling out

Random Stripping Tips

Garters Know what? You don’t really have to pay five dollars each for a red garter, a black garter, a white garter, a blue garter, etc. You can go to WalMart and buy a whole pack of headbands (the ones that are for babies, tho they don’t usually say so) of all different colors for… Continue reading Random Stripping Tips

Stripping as Pure Capitalism

I realised on my way here that I wasn’t going to make it in time to get a stripper license, so I slowed down. Cooked liver and onions, played with Bro. Why rush? I got into town just after dark, and established myself in a good parking spot at the local truckstop. Since I’m probably… Continue reading Stripping as Pure Capitalism

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Little Big Things

First, keep sending healing to Davka’s mom, please. And to Davka, who is breaking open and growing and being superhumanly grown up right now. Second… while I was in that little hippie city, I did a photo shoot with a really incredible photographer. Now I have some really beautiful artistic pictures of me in the… Continue reading Little Big Things