Hi, new visitors

I noticed that a bunch of people have come here lately from Reddit and other places on The Internet, and maybe it’s a little confusing to just stumble upon this old blog? Here’s the deal: I lived in a minivan and travelled all over North America for a few years. It was an awesome way… Continue reading Hi, new visitors

Blogging the Whore Revolution

More pictures and even video at my new ecowhore blog! Come see! And did I tell you guys about Hypnotic River? It’s my site where I’ve been doing femdom erotic hypnosis. Ever wondered if you could have an orgasm with hypnosis? I just blogged about that.

I have a new blog!

I haven’t updated here in so long! What to say? I’m older, more jaded, more innocent, life is more complicated… I’m evolving! I’ve totally diversified my sex work, and I haven’t stripped in over a year. Suddenly I don’t feel like staying up late with loud music and high heels and hustling random customers anymore.… Continue reading I have a new blog!

Dirty Girl Zine!

We did it! The zine is beautiful with lots of artwork and great stories from Lusty Day, Audacia Ray, Davka, Kitty Stryker, Furry Girl, and much much more! 36 pages of awesome! We’re keeping this free for everybody, but it turns out color copies are expensive so we really appreciate donations. If you want a… Continue reading Dirty Girl Zine!

Eight more days…

The whole call for submissions is right below this, so I’m not going to repost it… but there are eight days left to get your submissions in for the Dirty Girl Zine! Brief recap: be any kind of sex worker of any gender, and write anything about slut stigma or being seen as dirty or… Continue reading Eight more days…

Quick Update

Hi Internet! I’ve been busy but I wanted to let you all know really quickly that today I went live on ishotmyself.com, one of the most revolutionary porn sites in the world! It’s so awesome it has to be in Australia! On ishotmyself the model is the artist, and everyday there’s a new folio overflowing… Continue reading Quick Update