I have a new blog!

I haven’t updated here in so long! What to say? I’m older, more jaded, more innocent, life is more complicated… I’m evolving! I’ve totally diversified my sex work, and I haven’t stripped in over a year. Suddenly I don’t feel like staying up late with loud music and high heels and hustling random customers anymore. Lucky for me, the sex industry has something for everyone! I wanted to start blogging again (and making pretty eco-porn), but I’m no longer a hobo stripper, tho I may still be nomadic. It’s complicated. So! The new blog is EcoWhore, check it out! Subscribe! It’s going to be awesome! I’m eager to contribute thoughtfully to the culture’s framing of sexuality.

What I wanted to do was take a bunch of awesome ladies out into the wilderness and maybe float down a river or hike a long trail and teach each other about self defense and minimizing bad experiences and being awesome happy sex workers and make a bunch of porn while we’re doing it. Then I’d put that all online over the next few months and half the money would go to the sexy ladies and half the money would go towards funding the next EcoWhore Camp. That’s a huge project though, so I’m starting with a blog.

Right now I’m in San Francisco, which I think is the only city I could ever love. I’ll be teaching about plant medicine at the Sex Worker Festival in a few days and helping out with technical stuff on an amazing one woman show by Mariko Passion for the whole week. Come see it all!


  1. The Eco Adventure and Porn thing is going to be AMAZING when you do it. Amazing. 😉
    I’m going to check the Sex Worker Festival Link.
    I hope you are havinga great time in San Francisco ( well, I’m sure you are ) .
    p.s. – I showed the person I was seeing your blog and used it explain all about being a stripper haha. It helped me so much, so thank you!

  2. You taught me a lot of details about what it might be like to live in a van. Then I did, and it was great, and I still live in vans sometimes. Thanks for that, and I’m glad that the internet told me you’re still following creative tangents.

  3. Chris! I haven’t thought of you in months! How/what are you doing now? I still live in van’s sometimes too, when I go to town. I have a big old insulated bat cave van that doesn’t drive, and Helga’s still on the road.

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