Dirty Girl zine Call for Submissions

Sequoia (of sequoiaredd.com) and I are working on a zine about dirt, earth, dirty girls, slut stigma and exploring the context of what it means to be seen as a dirty girl in a culture obsessed with cleanliness and scrubbing away the dirt. There are definite parallels between how our society regards dirt and the stigma of sex. Just as nutrient rich dirt is the basis of life on our planet, so is sex the basis of our humanity.

We want to hear what you think about that too.

Why a zine? With the recent closing of $pread magazine, which was one of our favorite sex industry publications, it’s more important than ever to keep creating our own media and getting our message out there. Zines are a fun and creative form of expression, they’re handmade and sometimes its nice to hold something physical in your hands rather than just read about it online, yanno?
We are accepting art, writing and photography submissions from former and current sex workers of all genders at dirtygirlzine [at] gmail dot com

We settled on the name Dirty Girl because at a time when our topsoil is being depleted and you can go to jail for carrying condoms, we want to explore and celebrate the dirt and sex that stains us.

The submission deadline is November 30 and we’re hoping to have the zine done by the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2010). Please include your name (can be stage name or pseudonym or whatever you feel comfortable with), website or some place on the web where we can find more of you (if you want us to), what kind of sex worker you were/are (if you feel comfortable sharing of course) and tell us a little about yourself! This info will accompany your piece.

Art: submit in .jpeg format in the highest quality possible, include a title too if you can.

Writing: submit in word documents or just copy and paste the text inside an email. Writing can be poetry, prose, essays, haiku, etc…you get the idea! We won’t edit your pieces without your permission.

Photography: .jpeg as well and if you photographed someone else, please provide a model release and I.D. of the subject, title would be great as well.

Contributors will get a copy when its done so if you could please provide a mailing address that would be great!

Sex workers are like dirt, we nourish life. We want to explore and celebrate our dirty sexy goodness, together.


  1. Great Idea ya Dirty Girl !! Care for an article from a lifelong stripbar customer? I’d gladly share my comments with you from my side of the pole ! Either way, go for it and I look forward to getting a copy!

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