Random Stripping Tips


Know what? You don’t really have to pay five dollars each for a red garter, a black garter, a white garter, a blue garter, etc. You can go to WalMart and buy a whole pack of headbands (the ones that are for babies, tho they don’t usually say so) of all different colors for $3. I get the ones with the little plastic grabby stuff on the inside, and they are far superior to regular garters.

Ear Plugs

It’s really really loud where I am right now. So loud that it physically hurts the inside of my ears. So I’m wearing ear plugs. I can still hear people, I can still hear music, but my head doesn’t hurt. The only weird part is the way I sound to myself.

Cunt Juice

I swear this works. Stick your fingers up in there and get them wet, and then smear that on your wrists. The pheremones will do cool things. Like, when you move your hand in front of a guys face, you see his expression change as he subconsciously catches a wiff.


If they say you’re teasing them, you’re only doing this for the money, or almost anything negative… just laugh and tell them they love it. They’ll agree. It’s crazy. If they start to regret how much they’ve spent or talk about how much you’ve made off them tell them it was worth it. You know because you can tell they’re a business man/have very good judgement/whatver, and they wouldn’t have spent it if it weren’t worth it.

Always Be Closing

If they say you’re hot, say you’re hotter when you’re in their lap. If they say they’re having a good day, say it’ll be even better when you dance for them. If they say something without a logical tie in, giggle and say I know you want me. Then close it.


  1. The cunt juice thing works. It sounds funny, but that was one of the first things I learned when I started dancing.

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