Awesome YouTube

John and Rose Nomads live in a van, and have been for twenty something years. Check it out. (I am so youtube motivated now. I wanna make a vid of the inside of my van, which will be awkward and bumpy cause my webcam is built into the laptop.)

Best Breakfast Ever

1 big glob of yoghurt 1 chopped up bananna 1 tablespoon home canned wild picked Alaskan bluberries some blueberry juice 1 big handful cacao nibs 1 big handful flax seeds


I’ve been henna’ing lately. My hair, my skin, other peoples skin. This is the logo for locally grown veggies here, and I put it on Possum. I’m south. South east, I mean. I’ve never been here before. It’s hot and humid. People are friendly and a little different than I’ve ever been around. Tonight I’m… Continue reading Pics!


I woke this morning feeling like a fairy tale princess in my big fluffy down bed. The sun had been shining in the windshield for hours, and it was hot enough that I’d mostly pushed the blankets off in my sleep. The blankets were behind me, stuffed from bed to ceiling along the wall, and… Continue reading Driving

Materia Medica: Chickweed

I love, love, love chickweed. I always have. When I was a kid and we didn’t have any food in the house, I would make salads with chickweed and dandelion flowers and pretend that I could save the world from starvation. For years and years I didn’t think of chickweed at all, or eat it.… Continue reading Materia Medica: Chickweed

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