I woke this morning feeling like a fairy tale princess in my big fluffy down bed. The sun had been shining in the windshield for hours, and it was hot enough that I’d mostly pushed the blankets off in my sleep. The blankets were behind me, stuffed from bed to ceiling along the wall, and the feather bed under me. I love my bed. I leaned over to look down at Bro, sleeping on the denim duvet cover I got for a dollar in a thrift store and folded up to make his bed. He has been sleeping with the pink pig that Katies dog, Mutt, gave him ever since we left Katies. It’s very cute.

Bro looked up at me, yawned, and stepped up onto the little box that holds my pressure cooker and some other kitchen stuff so that he could smell my morning breath. He loves morning breath. I scootched back to make room for him and he crawled into our fairy tale bed with me. Gotta have morning snuggles. I think we fell asleep for a little while, and when I woke up Bro was chasing something in his sleep.

“Hey,” I told him. “I think it’s morning.”

Morning? He jumped out of bed and ran in his crate. He has free access to his food so he can eat whenever he’s hungry, but he still likes it when I mix up his food and some water and give it to him in his crate in the morning. I slide out of bed into the floor space he’s vacated and fold into the turned around passenger seat. The view shocks me. Eight hours ago I went to sleep in a quiet parking lot somewhere between a gas station and a strip mall, but while I was sleeping a whole crew of guys set up a bunch of yellow caution tape in the parking spot next to me, opened up holes in the ground, and started doing some kind of non-noisy mechanics. One of them looks up at me and waves. I smile back.

After I feed Bro I flip my hair over and brush it. Fifty strokes with the boar hair brush, to move the oils from my scalp down the hairs and make it all shiny and healthy. I put henna in my hair the other day. Overall it still looks mostly the same color, but when I brush it all these sparkly reds pop in and out. I love it. The ends are still dry, so I put some rosemary olive oil on them. Rosemary helps hair not break. I turn around in the seat and lean against the crate and bed to look in the mirror on the back of the visor. Happy hair! I dig out my toothbrush and take my morning tinctures. These little things make me so happy.

Poor Bro has been cooped up all night and all day before, and so have I. I put his town leash on him and we decide to go explore this town, whatever town it is. I grab a handful of jerky for breakfast from the back of the van and put an apple in my pocket. It doesn’t seem to be much of a town: just a gas station, a pizza shop, a hallmark store, sub shop, and several garages and industrial things. No one is outside, and no one sees me and Bro skipping through their town.

Back at the van I wave at the gas guys again, and realize I should change out of the clothes I slept in. I do it all sneaky in the back, but really anyone who looked twice would see. People never look twice. A woman and a man walk by, their baby riding on the guys shoulders, and they’re all laughing. They don’t even look once. I scoop some nettles into my infusion jar and go into the gas station for hot water. In the gas station I think I haven’t had yogurt in a while, so I get some. Last summer I got big old tubs of it and ate a layer every day with berries that I poured over it.

When I come out I see that Bro is leaning out the window towards one of the gas guys, who is baby talking to him over the yellow tape. Bro is being all friendly and licking the air in the guys direction, but then the guy steps over the tape and Bro looks back at the van and decides he should guard it. Good boy.

“Hey, your dog has two eyes,” the guys says. He means two different colored eyes. I smile and say something nice. When I’m on the road I’m nice to everyone.

I start straightening things up in the van. Things fall and move around and need re-adjusted, you know. When I pick the dulcimer up to put it in the bed for the day I remember the song I’ve just learned the chords for and can’t help playing it a couple times. I love C chords. All of them. I want to sing C forever.

Next I pick up the book I was reading while I was waiting in construction yesterday from where it fell on the floor. Milton Erickson’s teaching tales. Suddenly I remember that I was in the middle of one when the cars started moving again.

Then I catch sight of the time on my phone. I’ve been awake for three hours and have gone zero miles. People always ask what I do with all my time, and the thing is I don’t do a lot. I walk, I eat, I read, I play dulcimer, I write, I play with plants, I check my email obsessively. Somehow this all takes a lot of time.


  1. What’s the song? I’m learning to play the banjo, and agree with you about the C chords. I don’t even know any songs that use them, and I still just go around the loop over and over, humming along. Of course, I only know about 2.5 songs (and none of those is a whole one), but maybe I would learn yours if it uses my favorite chords.

  2. I love reading your blog because you keep it real without trying to sound good, or professional.

    FUCK YA!

  3. It’s Wide River, from the Steve Miller Band, Deanna, but I hafta change the chords cause I can’t do some of them on the dulcimer..

  4. Did this happen earlier? I feel crazy a bit, as I saw this post briefly yesterday! 😯

  5. Sorry, Tara (hey, you have my name – how cool is that). I fucked up in my future posting (I usually post a few days ahead when I have internet in case I don’t have internet for a while), and then fixed it by futuring it further…

  6. Well now I feel slightly less crazy! Thanks! It’s a good name! Do you pronounce it tar-uh or tear-uh? Mine’s the latter.

    Anyways it sounds like a great day, whenever it happened! Down comforters are sooo comfy!!!

  7. Hey, I agree with Josh AND I think your writing is really good. I really love your style. Until I leave my J-O-B in a year, I dream about the kinds of days you have (and have them as often as I can :mrgreen: )

  8. Tara-

    I have been following your blog after reading about you in a Witch Magazine. My friend and I are fascinated by you. We have determined that all the “normals” have gone into hiding and the rest of us are left dealing with the psychopaths.

    I mad the dreadful mistake in life of “doing the right thing” and have found your website amazing and may ending up following in your footsteps, No longer able to deal with the insanity of life.


  9. that was great. I read your blog everyday and I swear to god it really helps! I mean i always feel all cheered the hell up after I read it.

    I was going to ask you if you were familiar with the book The Artists Way?

  10. You make me feel jealous that you can do as you please, I love your blog! Your life sounds like the best in the world, just don’t get sick like me with the flu… 😆

    a MILLION thankyous to give something awesome to look foreward to when I am going through my depression complexes…. 🙄

  11. I do the same thing when I’m on the road – whole lot of nothing that takes up a ton of time. It’s very peaceful, very natural feeling.

    I love the hair tips you post. A couple months ago I finally accepted that my hair is nice curly, and I stopped washing it (other than baking soda and vinegar) and also stopped straightening it. I didn’t know about the rosemary oil for the ends. Curly hair splits a lot. So, thanks!

  12. Bliss 😀 What a great way to spend a day, especially one that began by waking up in a sunbeam.

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