Where now? Ladies, fill me in on your city.

I’m definitely fired. Either because I’m a dirty hippie who lives in a van (even tho I so denied), or because the owner doesn’t like my aura, or because the owners girlfriend thinks I’m fat (tho there are much bigger women there, so I don’t really buy that). I think I probably bitched too much about the rude DJs and the screwed up way the club was run and stuff. In retrospect, I should have kept my mouth shut and smiling.

Anyways, now where do I go? I’d like to be in Northern Cali in a couple weeks, but I think the stripping there generally sucks. Reno’s close, but I don’t know if I’m competitive (ie, skinny) enough for that. I could go north to the upper midwest, but then I would miss the gathering I want to go to in Cali. Oregon would work, direction wise, but I think the money there has sucked, and I’m honestly not a very good stage performer. Arizona is nice, and I’d like to visit my friend there and buy a gun, but it is a land of seven dollar dances. Or maybe I should just say fuck working and take the opportunity to visit the slabs.

Gah. I wish there were a functional club review site for strippers up right now so I could figure this shit out. The one on SW is totally innaccessable at the moment.

So… where should I go? I’m possibly open to other types of sex work if I know someone in the city. I want everyone’s advice, please.


  1. i’m in tampa, fl. theres too many clubs to count at your fingertips, and i work nude at the best one in town. competitive, sometimes a little slow, but i make really good money for just working during the day.

  2. well, it’s not at that club (their loss)
    but, there is obviously some major money out there waiting for you to claim it…
    it’s coming, you’re writing/visioning it…
    I’m looking forward to pics of the land you save…

  3. I don’t know much about the clubs here in Columbus, but if you made your way out here I can promise I’ll buy a dance or two!

    Well, whatever you end up doing, good luck!

  4. There a lot of clubs around Madison (WI) but only a couple in the city. It’s the Midwest, so you don’t have to worry about being thin, we have the best farmer’s market around, and there are streets you can park your live-in van w/o getting hassled by the cops.

  5. I do not believe in stop-gap measures. Either you are living the life you want NOW or you are not. There will never be a time when it seems good to jump off the treadmill.You just have to do it when you know what you REALLY want. Do you want to be a stripper or a homesteader?

    It might seem like easy money, but it has a price. Have you ever read “How not to become a homesteader”?

    When I was your age, I found a deserted cabin way back in the woods and convinced the guy who owned it to rent it to me. Back in 1980 it was $40/month 🙂 Start small, work your way to where you want to be. Read what I wrote and try to be objective about yourself.

    The hardest part is self esteem and identity. You get it from different places. It’s tough to reinvent yourself because you then have to get validation from another source…yourself is best. Happy trails 🙂

  6. Central California:

    Fresno,California has two topless/alcohol-serving bars.

    Bakersfield,California has three full nude juice bars. One is a “Deja Vu.”

    Santa Maria,California (on the coast) has a full nude juice bar “Spearmint Rhino.”

  7. I’m in the Tampa Bay area, as well, and Bianca is correct about the stripping here.

    I work from home doing cam sex, phonesex, amateur video, photos and editing a magazine. I’d be happy to do some pics or videos for you if you wind up in this area. Passive income like Clips4Sale or Rude is always good to have.

  8. You mentioned wishing there was a club review for strippers… Why not make your own as part of hobostripper.com? You have lot’s of knowledge, experience, and are a capable writer so think you’d be pretty good at it.

  9. yeah i am in the northern cali/carson city/reno area and i wouldnt bother. sacramento can be… ok, from what i hear, but theres no point closer to the nevada side of the border. i think some of the cat ranches have girls that visit from time to time though, so that could be an option if you really wanted to make it out here… it would be the only way to really make a buck i think.

    trust me, if i though it was worth it i would say… you are one of the many interesting people i would like to get the chance to meet in this world….

  10. In Austin it’s back-and-forth money, so I’ve been working near Galveston lately. I’d say the money is average – not great, but not horrible either. The club is fairly clean and the DJs and girls have been nice.

    However, I have to agree w/ Wendy – the first thing you should do is figure out what you *want* to do. Wandering about has no value if you’re confining yourself even more than you would be were you stationary. If you want land, go get land. If you want to dance, then dance.

  11. Rochester is on lake ontario and its beautiful in the spring but far from where you want to be for your gathering.

    I say go back to cleaning house in your knickers for 600 bucks a day or whatever. You had alot of call for that and you have security to help you out right?

    And that club was a creep show, be glad to be out of it, too bad you can’t get the tip money you gave the vile betrayer DJ back.

    I say work for yourself thru the ad you did for topless housecleaning.

    Something will become apparent as you know. It always does.

  12. Well, here in good ‘ole College Station (Texas) we have two clubs that I know are always looking for girls, but I’ve never been to either one (I’m one of those people that can’t stay up late for the life of me….::sigh::). Allie, have you ever been out here?

  13. Li’l ol’ Olympia is obviously not where you want to be, but Seattle (about an hour away) has a very involved kink/Goddess-worship scene. There’s definitely money to be made through Craigslist.

    Have you heard of the Temple Whores? http://www.templewhore.com Their site is outdated, but Robert is still active and around.

    Also, part of my extended poly family is the director of the Wet Spot, aka the Center for Sex Positive Culture. http://www.sexpositiveculture.org No doubt, you would love her and she’s like our local version of Hat-Ma…she knows Everyone.

    And if that weren’t enough to prove that we enjoy our eroticism here in the Pacific Northwest, there is also the Little Red Studio http://www.littleredstudioseattle.com where my partner has connections that may or may not prove useful to you.

    Obviously, there’s more in the area, but those are the places where I have connections to offer. The strip clubs mostly suck, as far as I know, but there are lucrative ways to make money if you want to strike out on your own.

  14. Lee,

    I haven’t worked in College Station, no. I know some girls that’re from there originally, and I’ll be up in Austin the weekend of the 10th so if I see them (I think that might be late for what Tara needs now, but it could be useful information later) I will definitely ask.

    I know what you mean about staying up late. I practically mainline red bull on the weekends so I can stay awake. It’s a tough shift after waking up for 8am classes all week!

    Do you know how those two clubs do on day shift? Sometimes day shift can be an indicator for how night shift is. Not always, but sometimes.

    I would pretty much always advise against working in Houston – the clubs are really, really, really dirty and unless you’re really and truly hooking (rather than just pushing the envelop a bit), it’s quite difficult to make money. I’ve heard it’s gotten even worse lately, too. Gotta love recessions.

  15. How about somewhere in Western Canada–Edmonton or Fort Mac? Dances are $30 and Alberta’s in the middle of a boom. It’s also closer to Alaska than the lower U.S.

  16. Allie,

    Yeah, I don’t know. One, when it advertises for girls always is looking for the night shift which makes me think that they might not do so well then. I do know that there is an affinity for blonde haired, blue eyed, “farm” girls in this area (yay, CS) which doesn’t help.

    As far as Houston goes….I’d never dance there. The laws surrounding all of that are pretty bad before you even think about looking at the condition of the clubs.

    I know what you mean about 8ams though. Gah!

  17. Portland is a happening little town right now. I’ve been city-hopping a while and this place is easy to get along with like no other city I’ve been to. Lots of weirdos and travelers and mystics and anarcho-communists and good old-fashioned hippies in among the hipster majority. There’s an ample supply of every underground white subculture ever invented here, keeps things interesting. I may be moving on this summer, depending on how things go, but I do think this place is pretty special, if you haven’t yet spent some quality time.

    Of course, if the money sucks, the money sucks. Sure, there are more strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the country, but that probably hurts your income more than it helps.

  18. I’m totally in agreement with you about Houston. Lee,

    I live in Houston, but I work either in Austin or Galveston. Way, way, way too dirty for me to compete w/ in Houston.

    Bleh. I definitely would make NO money in CS then! I’m brunette and “ethnic” looking (Hebrew/French mix), so I don’t really fit the blonde, big-boobie farm mould. Lol.

  19. It might seem weird, but my friends make good money out in Salt Lake City, UT. Trails. Any of the eXposure places. Easy money too. Plus close enough to California.
    If you wanna hit Sacramento, CA, let me know. I know the owners son at Centerfolds and you could make good money there.

  20. I started dancing in SLC. It’s all stage, so I think Tara will have to work on her stage skills (based on her previous statement that she’s not great on stage), and you do have to license. If the club is in SLC proper, it takes 3 weeks to get approved for the license (you have to go through a federal background check). Well, that’s how it was when I worked there anyway (I worked at all 3 XPosure clubs). Southern Xposure in Murray (near Fashion Place Mall) is a quick license – used to cost about a hundred to get.

    Oh, actually; I think the full nude (juice bars) bars do lap dances, but I may be mistaken.

  21. Well if you’re considering going as far south as Arizona, you would be latitudinally in reach of Vegas! (oh fish paste – I thought I was being clever and its a real word)

    Biz License $100/good for a year, Sheriffs Card $40/good for 5 years. Each not too much hassle to get IF you get there in person at 8AM.

    Lots of clubs to choose from and since I just went thru switching clubs I have inside scoop to save ya time. Convention season starting to slow down so its generally better before the July heat.

    (Other gals welcome to contact me too thru my blog or social ntwks)

  22. Hey Tara!
    Have you ever danced in San Francisco? I used to drive a cab there and the strippers I drove around said they made real good money. The best places aren’t in the best parts of town, though. And parking your van might be tricky, although there are a lot of construction sites in SF. Hope this helps.

  23. If you have some kink/proDomme/prosub experience, I work in a sessions house/ playhouse (www.FantasyMakers.com) in NorCal (in the East Bay), and I’d make sure we’d make room for you! Intro/intermediate level money in Domme work won’t be as good as good stripping money, though.
    You might want to check out the forums on http://www.sfredbook.com for info about what is happening in sex work around the west coast. They also allow you to post free ads- as a dancer, escort or domme.
    Also, I have great friends who work as dancers and as support staff at the Lusty Lady in SF, and there is something to be said for a feminist strip club.
    Good luck!
    I’m off on the East Coast shooting guns again, so I’m not sessioning until I’m back next week.

  24. Come to Charleston! I think you’ll find it a refreshing change of pace. There’s a fair share of strip clubs, and if you get here around the end of the month you’ll be just in time for the Spoleto Festival.

  25. If you do end up in Northern California, my shower and hot tub will be yours for the asking. 🙂 And home cooked meals, but be warned — we cook spicy.

    Send me an email if you come this way and I’ll send you my cell number.

    I haven’t been keeping up with the blog, planning on fixing that.

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