Possum Goodness and A Note About Comments

“I started learning massage in the Militia, and then later in Wicca.” – Possum About comments. I’ve always intended this blog to be a slice of reality. In reality, sometimes people are assholes. Sometimes people call me names, sometimes they trot out their bigotry, and suprisingly often they bring out their whole range of psychosis… Continue reading Possum Goodness and A Note About Comments

The Stripper and The Cosmic Titty

“…a construct, a man-made, literally a man-made construct which traps women into playing the role of emotional wet-nurse to their emotionally challenged, inferior male partners. The cosmic-titty archetype. The mother earth you can mine and drill and fuck over and over again for her resources, the mother that will always forgive.” – Davka Davka writes… Continue reading The Stripper and The Cosmic Titty

Clients I have loved

I’m back in an old city, and getting to see my favorite client ever in a few hours. It’s been a few years, and I’ve missed him. The thing about sex work is that you can get so close and intimate with people with no real life repercussions. Sometimes it takes a lot of lies… Continue reading Clients I have loved


On the who are you guys post (which, if you haven’t answered yet, you should), everyone wanted to see pics of Bro. I used to attempt to post pics once week (which, realistically was more like twice a month) but then the good laptop bit the dust, and I didn’t think the back up camera… Continue reading Pics

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Stripping Trends

Stripping, the actual dancing part, is like folk art. Dance anthropologists should be documenting us. Fortunately for me, you don’t have to be good at it to do it. Mostly if you get naked nobody really notices what else you do. There are trends, little moves or postures, that come and go in the collective… Continue reading Stripping Trends

The Internet's Broken

Seriously. I did all this work – well, actually, the mysterious admin did a LOT of work and figured out the problem. I just changed the theme and tried to bring back the sidebars. But now the sidebars are broken again and I don’t understand why. So I’m going to walk in the rain with… Continue reading The Internet's Broken


I always get this rush from leaving. Even if it’s a good place, and this is. It takes a while to get my shit together and pull out. My stove is set up in a garage-barn where Possum put it when he fixed it (turns out a little spider next can cause a big stove… Continue reading Leaving