On the who are you guys post (which, if you haven’t answered yet, you should), everyone wanted to see pics of Bro. I used to attempt to post pics once week (which, realistically was more like twice a month) but then the good laptop bit the dust, and I didn’t think the back up camera could handle camera connectivity. But now that I have a nifty new laptop, pictures are restored.

Bro’s riding in my lap. Don’t worry, I’m not really driving.

Bro in the turned around seat.

A beautiful place:

Buffalo in the road:

Everyone asks, “how do you stay warm in there?” With two feet of down.

After Possum fixed me and my stove, he changed the EGR valve in the van.


  1. :mrgreen:

    Bro is one handsome fella.

    I have Louie. He adapted well to mobile living, but is now really liking stretching out on the bed Tween me and the Missus, in front of a window overlooking HIS domain.

  2. Did Possum used to work at a hotel in Boise Idaho 10 years ago or so? I could swear he looks just like a guy I used to work with…

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