Possum Goodness and A Note About Comments

“I started learning massage in the Militia, and then later in Wicca.” – Possum

About comments. I’ve always intended this blog to be a slice of reality. In reality, sometimes people are assholes. Sometimes people call me names, sometimes they trot out their bigotry, and suprisingly often they bring out their whole range of psychosis around sex workers or people who live in vans just for me. While I’ve never found it worth the energy to argue with these people, or often to even acknowledge them, I don’t really want to censor them unless they become abusive to the other commenters. Think of it as a lesson in how crazy people can be, and maybe apply it forward in your life to help recognize and avoid dangerous situations. In other words, I appreciate all the defense, but please don’t feed the crazies beyond what might provide you with useful information.

(That said, I am considering getting rid of more persistantly pesky people – but then they would just be crazy people out there on the internetz somewhere, instead of crazy people whose craziness I get to observe and understand.)

Oookay, now that that’s all out of the way.

Guess what?!?

Possum has put together a bunch of DVD’s packed with survival information, plus a bunch of DVD’s packed with medical information. I’ve been studying the physical exam videos for a week now, and I think it’s going to take me years to get through all the information on these DVDs. This is stuff that everyone needs to know, if we want to stay alive. It’s taken Possum a lifetime to accumulate this stuff, and would take you thousands and thousands of dollars to get it on your own. For a complete listing of what’s available, email Possum – he’s thepossumhunter at gmail.com.


  1. by survival skills.. do you mean sorta back to the land, rewilding stuff? can you elaborate? cuz I think I have some friends that would be really into it… but need to know the details. thanks!

  2. hey tara, your blog has gone back to only a few lines in my reader. i dont know if you want it that way, but i liked being able to read the entire post in my reader without going out of it to your site.

    ps: crazies are funny

  3. I’m glad you addressed the comments issue 🙂 🙂 🙂 And as a journalist, I’m glad you don’t encourage censorship. So next time some crayzee comes around, I’ll try my best not to feed him and not to knock on the glass window. It’s just hard not to defend someone you like sometimes.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    ps: the links on the left are back to grey (yay), albeit still same sized font as the post. the rest is still a bit smushed in the middle, but I do see the whole post! just thought I’d let you know 🙂

  4. Lisa, I don’t want it that way, but I have no idea what I might have done that made it not be that way or be that way again. I blame the internet gods.

  5. Ruby, yep, exactly that. Mostly not from a rewilding point of view, but still very helpful to rewilders.

  6. sounds interesting. What a lovely service to provide- tools for survival are always so interesting to study too!

    the crazy comments are a way for people who haven’t stripped to get an idea of what it’s like with some of the assholes as clubs.

    You’re right though, ignoring/avoiding is a good way to handle it.

  7. It’s too bad you’ve been getting crazy comments.

    Your blog is awesome and so are you.

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