I just manifested wi-fi

I am sitting here in my relative’s driveway. They go to bed early (well, midnight) and I don’t. This is good, because I get plenty of time for Bro snuggles and dulcimer playing and stuff in the dark quiet. This is a driveway with no wi-fi. Trust me, I’ve checked.

So, I’m sitting here watching my nursing videos (learning how to do intra-dermal shots – I’m practicing on myself but I think I need smaller needles). There’s no wifi here, but I thought, “gosh, I miss the internet. I wonder if I could manifest some wi-fi? Can’t hurt to try.” And then, seriously, it pops up all, “you are connected to such and such, what security setting do you want?” I totally just manifested internet from thin air.

I thought you all should know.


  1. You’ve touched what some have come to call “The Secret”, which is actually no secret at all and has been of late commercialized like just about everything else in this world.

    wardriving.com baby.

    Everything is manifested by your thoughts, even my discovery of this excellent blog you have here.

  2. It doesn’t surprise be a bit Tara that you manifested wi-fi. I do believe you could manifest anything your heart desires.

    Celebrating the wonders of manifestation,


  3. That’s really cool. Usually my wifi Karma’s in a bit of a mess and I actually have to take my notebook over to the nearest router, introduce them properly and then periodically have them kiss and make up when they can’t play nicely in the same sandbox. Seriously, it’s got to be me.

  4. Haha, I love it when a magical random network shows up and lets you connect. My luck is usually not so good- I find networks in the oddest places, but they’re all secured. 😐

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