It's Official!

I signed the papers and handed over the money today and now… I own land!  And a little cabin!

So I bought a bunch of food and an axe and a gadget that’s supposed to make the internet come right out of thin air that may or may not work, and tomorrow I’m going to go load it all in a boat and go up the river to live in my new home.

I’ve been holding my breath all this time, because buying land is not like buying a lapdance.  You can’t just be like, okay, I want this, here’s the money.  When someone wants to give me money, I take it and give them a lapdance.  But when you want to give someone money for their land, you have to wait for title searches and all kinds of crazy paperwork that is probably good to have but takes weeks. 

Now that I’m not holding my breath, I’ll be writing more.  (Cross your fingers for the internet working).


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I know you have talked about this for a long time now and I am very pleased everything is working out!

    Blessings on your land and new home!

  2. Excellent for you, Tara … looking forward to the follow-up on this … will the new blog be called “Homesteadstripper”? 🙂 ~ Irish

  3. It’s a big step, becoming a landowner, and I hope that this is something that turns out wonderfully for you.

    How do you plan to use your little place? As a home base, coming back to it now and then, and being on the road the rest of the time?

  4. Wonderful! You’re living my dream now and I’m really looking forward to reading your experiences with living “indoors”. 😉 Congratulations on your new home.

  5. Fabulous! Congrats!!
    I can’t wait to own our own piece of land. We’re hoping to build a cob house or some other earth-based structure and incorporate as many recycled elements as possible. Ahhh,land! *wistful sigh*

  6. Congratulations!! I’ve been silently following your adventures for awhile now. This is great news!! (I do hope you’ll still travel ’round the country now & then.)

  7. Congrads on your new home! I hope that everything goes well for you!! 😀

    Blessed Be!!

  8. YAY YOU!!!! I am really excited for you. I have been reading your blog for sometime but have never commented before.
    I hope you will post pics and blogs about your newest adventure.
    Getting to know you through your writing has changed my opionion of strippers in general. You are certainly a nice, down to earth, hard working young lady.
    I wish you all the best! 😛

  9. how cool!
    i’ve been reading for awhile but never left a comment. i hope this works out great for you, just don’t stop blogging(internet is a MUST 😉 )
    love your writing, good luck tara!

  10. A W E S O M E!!

    I can’t wait to read about your life on the land. It’s sure to be both insightful and inspirational! I am so thrilled for you Tara and your powers of manifestation.

    Celebrating life!



    You’ve got alot of work ahead of you there but you’ll probably love most of it!

    I’m another who’s wondering how this will effect your lifestyle.


  12. No HomesteadStripper. RewildingStripper. 😉

    Daisy, you can come visit anytime.

    And Carrot, I don’t need wwoofers, but I like them? Do I have to have a project to attract wwoofers? Maybe someday I’ll pull all the yucky fiberglass insulation out of the walls and replace it with… um, mud?

  13. WOW…A big huge hug all the way from CANADA…super congratulationgs…and I am looking forward to hearing more of your new land based adventures and progress on your cabin and homestead!

  14. Patty and the Vegans and I all send you a big HOOORAAAYYY! Congrats and we look forward to details and pics. “Hey” to Bro!

    Wild blessings,

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