After work rambles

It’s seven in the morning, after work at this little diner with wifi, and the blue haired old lady crowd is starting to show up. I’m not tired, I could stay awake forever.

Tonight a sweet older lady climbed on stage with me. It was actually really cool and not weird and invasive like it usually is when customer women invade your stage. “I bet she used to be a stripper,” I told another girl as I got off stage at the end of my set.

“Did you ask her? Sometimes regular women dance like that.”

Oh, yeah, I forgot. They have MTV now. (I’ve not actually seen MTV yet, but I hear it’s the thing to blame everything on).

So I got a peice of paper and headed over to her and her friends, who were all deaf. I know a tiny tad of sign language – my mom taught me when I was little, but then I didn’t live with her, so it lay kind of dormant in me all these years and every once in a while when I see people talking in sign, their hands flying, I recognise a word or two. And sometimes I see old men from the village who remember when I was little, and they’ll lean into me with their drunkbreath, sliding a finger into a fist. “Look,” they say. “Poop, remember? We all used to sign POOP with you.”

She had stripped in Portland, which is a strange cool unique stripping place, for six years. She danced up to some guys at the bar, danced all around them, pointed at the dancer on stage, danced them up to the stage and pulled out chairs, wiggled her ass in their face, pointed at the dancer on stage, and made that universal money sign. It was awesome.

Then there were a couple crazy weird guys, and the usual drama. I think my hustle died sometime last week.

The sun is going down now. It happens every fall and every fall I wake up in the midnight dark and get so afraid that the sun will never come back up. Then it does, and I laugh and cry and go to sleep.

Hat-ma just got here, and now we’re both busted. We were going to go to sleep right away after work and go on an adventure early in the morning, but now it is early in the morning and neither of us have slept.


  1. I just stumbled across your blog from this blog ( and I like it! I have always felt like a hobo all my life and wouldn’t mind just traveling, rambling and just being free that way. I am much more of a nomad that a settler/homesteader type of person. Anyway, I am new reader. Your path is unique and I love reading about it!

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