So, I got this nifty award from Jack at Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity for being brilliant: And this one from Grace, of Grace Undressed: I am not sure what this one means, except that it’s pretty and sort of angelic looking. Grace and Jack both have very awesome blogs that you guys should check out.  Grace… Continue reading Awards

Interview With My Mom

If you’ve been reading a while, you remember the interviews with my mom from last summer.  They’re seasonal, like my contact with her.  Anyways, if you missed them before, click here to get to them. So tell me about the time when we were out on trapline and dad broke his back? He didn’t break… Continue reading Interview With My Mom

Lost my phone…

I lost my phone while rolling down grassy hills and stuffs.  So if you’re trying to call me, try email instead.  And if I used to have your number, I don’t now…

Strip Club Reviews

A long time ago, back in the dark ages of stripping, there used to be a review site. It was an incredible resource. Every time I would get ready to go to a new club, I’d click on the potential clubs and read all the reviews. It made me feel like I knew what was… Continue reading Strip Club Reviews


If any woman, anywhere in the world, hears footfalls behind her on a darkened street, she has reason to be afraid. Robin Morgan called that the democracy of fear under patriarchy. – Derrick Jensen Lona is becoming a woman, and my motherly friend has been instructing her in all the necessary things. Make up, clothes,… Continue reading Violence


I wake up to the softstrong lull of ocean waves and the sweet sting of salty wind. The first thing I see is the ocean, but my eyes are heavy and the next thing I know I’m dreaming of mushrooms and revolutions. When I wake again the ocean is still there, the breeze still fresh.… Continue reading Wave