Vibe Review: Silk Lover

I’ll be short, this time, for you people who don’t like sex and blogging and capitalism mixed.

This is awesome for fucking men up the ass.

The silk lover‘s got a great curve that’s nice for men or woman. I have a medium black one, and the other night a guy that I was ass fucking came all over it and then licked it clean. It was hot and therefore I think everyone should have one.

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  1. Ooh…nice and smooth. I bet that IS good for assfuckin’, and I’ve got one of those switch-out harnesses with the vibe pocket, too.

    I, for one, love your full reviews. At least you title the posts so that if one didn’t want to read about your most AWESOME JOB EVER they wouldn’t have to! 😉

  2. Can it be? Do I really have the same lingam as the illustrious Hobo Stripper? I am in awe.
    And yes, it’s an all-around great toy.

  3. I think folks mostly object to the feeling that someone is marketing things without being upfront about it. Like your site is set up so that unpaid links are on the left and paid links are on the right, so there’s some sense of transparency for the consumer. We know what is here because it paid for a spot, and what’s here because you like it so much you would put it on your website for free. Doesn’t mean that I don’t click on the paid ads, but I appreciate knowing what they are. (In fact, I often make it a point to click on ads when I know the blogger gets paid per click, and when I make an herb order, I make it a point to click through from the ad on your site, so I’m definitely not saying that paid ads are bad.)

    But the wisdom of the internets says that it hardly ever works to try to pass paid ads off as bona-fied content. Readers feel like you are trying to put one over on them. Those of us who know you, know that if you were to try to put one over on us, we would never know it. 🙂 At the very least, if you’re going to keep doing the reviews, stick with the content-rich versions. If you “correct” by making them more like ads, you make the problem worse.

  4. My partner and I have had mixed results with such dramatically curved dildos for the purposes of fucking him up the ass. He seems to prefer straighter ones because they end up being easier for me to control and are more fun in more positions, and therefore are more bang for your buck (ha). What positions does this one work best with, then? Is there some trick I missed?

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