Good people doing good things

If you’re in Washington, go to this!!


  1. I should go, that is really close to where I am. Sounds pretty interesting too. Thanks for the info Tara!


  2. Hey thanks Tara!!

    Mike, there’s paperwork headed your way shortly…cool to see that this is where you found me!

    And for all y’all in Texas or Florida or Oklahoma or Alaska or where-all-ever, it’d be expensive for you and 7 of your friends to fly here to take my class, but if you and 7 of your friends pooled your money it wouldn’t take much at all for you to buy me a plane ticket to wherever you are. I would love love love to create a program that makes sense in your ecosystem. (Texas and Florida both have pretty cool fiber plants that I hardly ever get to work with, since they don’t grow here.)

  3. Whoah! That sounds rad and is close to us — thanks for the tip. Delia and I were introduced to the basics of knitting long ago . . . not sure if we would be able to keep up, though. Glad to have the intro to Deanna either way, though.

  4. Hey Trixie,

    You would totally be able to keep up. My co-instructor, Sarah, is a novice (I think she’s made one scarf, but she might not have finished it). Another participant was taught a long time ago, and hasn’t really kept up on it. There’s a couple of intermediate knitters (including myself) and another couple participants are full-on experts. I’m picturing lots of room for sharing knowledge and expertise.

    Also, I got all internet stalk-y just now and checked out y’alls websites. Would love love love to have y’all along on the trip. And if you’re around here, get in touch either way. I’m all about making connections in this neck of the woods.

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