So, I got this nifty award from Jack at Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity for being brilliant:

And this one from Grace, of Grace Undressed:

I am not sure what this one means, except that it’s pretty and sort of angelic looking.

Grace and Jack both have very awesome blogs that you guys should check out.  Grace is sort of like me, but different, and an incredible writer.  Jack is the opposite of me, but he’s working on simplifying.

So, now I get to pass the Brilliance award on to five more Brilliant bloggers:

1. DeAnna.  Check out how brilliantly she set up her little SUV thing for living in recently.  Also, she spins dog hair.

2. Lindy.  She shares her brilliance – if you live, you know, in a dwelling of any kind, you should read her blog.

3. Apostate.  She thinks more in five minutes than I do all day, and it’s very brilliant thinking.  I had the good fortune of meeting her when I was in her city and she was all tiny and meek looking, but then she opened her mouth, and… brilliance.

4. Living Primitively.  There is nothing more brilliant than independent survival.  I wish this guy would put together an e-book of all his explanatory posts – I would buy it, print it, and keep it with me until I knew it all by heart.

5. Renegade Evolution.  I don’t even understand how she manages to be this brilliant.  I mean, she sit’s in front of a computer and plays weird video games.  And she’s brilliant.  I don’t understand.

And five people for the Beautiful Angel Award:

1. Smokey Mountain Breakdown.  Beauty.  Truth.  Wisdom.  All in some good good stories.

2. Enchanted Gypsy.  A beautiful life.

3. Freedom Van.  Life is beauty in progress. 

4. Carrot Quinn, not afraid of Winter.  This is my favorite-ist new blog.

5. Of course Katie, she makes everything she touches beautiful.


  1. i read your blog daily. and love it. and have never commented. until now.

    a few weeks back i noticed that under your “Sisters” tab….Davka had gone missing. and still isn’t there. at first i thought the page had uploaded incorrectly – but as i say – it has now been weeks.

    is it wrong to ask why?

  2. PBE, we had different ideas about how much of the internet we wanted to tell exactly where we were, so we delinked ourselves.

  3. Darling, what an honor, especially coming from you. And no one has ever said I look meek before!

    (Yours is the one blog I always recommend to random people – the sheer beauty of your writing and your spirit blows me away. )

  4. thanks for the explanation Tara!

    did i already say how much i enjoy your blog???

    warm thoughts always!

  5. sweet tara. thank-you so much.i love you and miss you. tried to call yesterday. ??? mutt hasn’t been well…..

    Thank-you so much for the link to Deanna’s knitting gathering in washington. i’m headed in that direction now, and am so psyched to be going!

    be safe. call. I love you.

  6. Katie!!! You tried to call? I lost my phone. I think I have your new number in my email tho, so I’ll call you! I’m excited you’re going to Deanna’s knitting thing. You’re both spinners. 🙂

  7. If there is an award for excellence and honesty, you should win it. Your blog is fabulous!!

    Blessed be on your journey!

  8. wow- is your friend offended that you called her meek looking? that isn’t a nice thing to say about someone!

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