Tara's Human Thermometer Method

I used to have a little keychain thermometer that I kept on the door to Bro’s crate. In the desert, I used it to show concerned citizens that it was not really one hundred degrees in the van and that ice + insulation did in fact make it cool where Bro was. Somewhere along the way that thermometer got lost and even though I never got another one I always seem to know what the temperature is within a couple seconds of waking up. How? Well, if I wake up and…

Roll out of bed and don’t lose my breath for a second: it’s warmer than 15 degrees! Tropical!

My head is not under the blanket: It’s warmer than 5 degrees in Alaska, 10 degrees in more humid places.

My head is under the blanket: It’s colder than 5 (or 10) degrees. Getting chilly.

My head is under the blanket, and when I go to poke a hand out I encounter a mess of wet condensation in my hair: It’s colder than ten below (I don’t know what this is in more humid places). Better start the van cause it’s gonna need a long time to warm up.

My head is under the blanket, and when I go to stick a hand out I encounter a frozen, brittle mess of hair: it’s colder than twenty below. Cross your fingers that the van was plugged in.

Bro’s in bed despite the down comforter, and he doesn’t get up when you mention breakfast: it’s really damn cold. Just stay in bed.


  1. 🙂 I must say I find your blog very interesting indeed. Its going in my Links Page. 😀 If I didn’t have kids I’m sure I would have found my way of living in similar circumstance. But some how down the line i wanted kids more then I cared about my own wants. Maybe one day I will be able to live out that dream. :D~ Good luck to ya in your adventures I hope to be able to read more about them as time goes on!!!! YOU ROCK GURL!!!

  2. Hah. That’s pretty close to mine.

    It’s below 30F at night when the cats won’t get nto bed under the Gigundo Down Comforter of Dooom until I’VE warmed it up. Freeloaders.

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