More of an update than a post

 I called around to all the parts stores in town, and found a fuel pump for $280. Then I bargained them down to $220. Van dwelling lesson: always ask for discounts. Then flirt a little and ask again.

The parts people recommended a mobile mechanic. I called him and he said he’d change it for $100. That’s $150 less than NAPA!

So this morning a very nice woman from the desert and I both got up super early (she’s on stripper schedule too), and drove into town to meet the mechanic. He showed up with a big flatbed trailer and rescued Helga from the NAPA parking lot and took her to the parts store. I got the part and he dropped the tank and changed the pump in the parking lot while Bro played with his sweet Aussie pup.

I was suprised how easy it was. It’s literally four bolts and a couple o-rings. Gas and potential explosions have always made me nervous, but now I feel really wimpy, because I definitely could have done that myself. Next time I will.

If there is a next time. I think I’m gonna try the Alcan one more time with Helga, and probably get a different van sometime this summer.

Bro is fine, for the people that asked. He’s probably the happiest he’s ever been, running around at our friends place. First kids and nice people threw balls for him all weekend, until he was really sore. Then they left, and now he mostly just follows me around and lays in the shade and tries to get people to throw balls. I’m still giving him some herbal antibiotics, just in case, and I’ll probably keep it up for another week or so just to give things a really good long chance to heal up around the fox tail, if there is a fox tail up there (which I’m starting to think there’s not).


  1. I am trying to buy an astro van and number of miles on the odometer of your vehicle is of vital interest to me. Thank you for any consideration you give this request. Keeper

  2. KJ: 124k. 60k of that in the last 18 months since I’ve owned her. Repairs in the last 18 months: 1 water pump, 2 fuel pumps, 2 shocks, brake pads, one brake shoe. Anticipated repair: transmission around 130-150k. I think most Astro’s don’t have as many problems as I’ve had, but then most Astro’s don’t drive as much as me. I hear it’s pretty standard for the transmission to go out around 130-150k, and the 2000 and up models have shitty electrical problems and even more tranny problems. I guess the fuel pump problem is not unusual either. All of this is balanced out by the 26 MPG that I get. Good luck!

  3. Good! I’m glad to hear that you and Helga and Bro are all doing very well. Here’s hoping that there’s an upturn in income as well, and that travels northward commence whenever you’re ready. 🙂

  4. :mrgreen:
    You indeed lucked out there… My 2000 fullsize van is on its third fuel pump since I have owned it .. I put about 50 thousand grueling miles on it… I tow a rigging trailer with it (24 foot flatbed rolloff thing) and the price of scrap up here in New england is way up… My fuel guage is fluctuating and the Pump in this one is an integral unit with the gage. in the tank… I”m not going to change another 280.00 pump (I got two on warrantee) just over the Sender.. I”m glad to har Bro is doing alright after his Foxtail experience… I had never heard of them until your story, and it looks none to wonderful a thinkg to deal with.

  5. Hurrah. Glad to hear that things are going as well as can be hoped for the time being.

    In regards to herbal antibiotics…I’m curious–what are you using? Goldenseal? Trying to learn…

    Be well, lady.

  6. Hi i cannot believe i havent messaged you before. We are moving into a van. You know freedomvan..Lydia…we are buying her old van. Picking it up on the 3rd. We would really love to meet you sometime after we get on the road!! Message me at gmail or my blogg i would love love love to chat with you!!!!! I just love you to pieces!!

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