Breaking, breaking, breaking….

Every new begining comes from some other beginings end…

The van broke down on the way to the gathering, of course.  I’m well versed in my AAA rights, since the time they wouldn’t come get me because I wasn’t within a hundred miles of anything, so I got them to tow me to the gathering.  Every single one of us had car troubles on the way there, but I was the only one to arrive on a tow truck.

The gathering was great.  We played in the creek and kids threw things for Bro.  They threw balls, and sticks, and pine cones.  They threw things so much that he started to limp and look his age.  We slept with all the doors open at night, and were visited by wild pigs and woken by owl hoots and mosquitos.  It was beautiful.

Most people left on Sunday, and I figured what was wrong with my van was the fuel pump.  I checked my reciept from the last fuel pump and glory be, there’s a warranty!   So I called today and got AAA to tow me to a NAPA.  They confirmed that it’s probably the fuel pump.  Yay, I get an $800 part/labor fix for free!  That’s what I thought, anyways.  Turns out I’ve driven 700 miles too far to be covered by the warranty.

The guy who owns the shop said I could leave it there for a while, which is nice.  So here I am in this little town, sitting outside a closed coffee shop with a friend.  I have the cash to fix the fuel pump, but I’d rather put it into a new van.  But I’m not in a good place, geographically, for a new van, and I’m also a little short on new van cash.  So maybe I should fix Helga, drive somewhere, buy a new van, and sell Helga.  Or maybe I should fly to Alaska and then buy a van.  I know there’s a new begining in all of this, but it isn’t very clear yet.

Portland ladies – I was thinking about hitchhiking up there to work and make cash and buy a new van, and then drive back down here for my stuff.  I get the impression that pdx is a big headache to work in, tho.  Are there any clubs I can just walk into and work?  And make more than a hundred a night?  Keep in mind that I’m pudgy by big city standards.  Also, is there a 24 hour doggie daycare?

People who are trying to call me – I don’t have cell reception.  Don’t worry, I’m fine.  Email me, and I’ll get back to you within a couple days.


  1. I have a friend in Portland who’s a queer club/social promoter. I’ll ask her if she has any lines on the kind of club you’re looking for.

  2. Hi Hobo. I have been reading your adventures for awhile now in training for full timing in an RV. I decided to check outa few of your friends links and my antivirus tells me there are nasties on a few of them. The honeyed vest is the last one I got a warning about. No big deal—I am pretty secure but wanted to let you know.
    I envy your lifestyle and maybe we’ll meet on the road someday. If you want you can lapdanceme to death.

  3. “I know there’s a new begining in all of this, but it isn’t very clear yet.”

    and there is the beauty of it

    So, I hear they bake a lot of bread in Portland…

    maybe you’ll be a nude baker?

  4. From my friend:

    “there are a few options.

    recomended strip clubs:
    Mary’s Club
    the Boom Boom Room

    Those are the one’s I’ve been to and have met people who worked there. As far as doggie day care I don’t know. I know that there is a place called Virginia Woof that is pretty good. However I don’t know if it’s overnight. If she got in touch with them they might be able to recomend an overnight place.

    hope that helps!!”

  5. I emailed you my recommendations for places where you don’t have to wait a week in between auditioning and getting on the schedule (which unfortunately knocks out all the good stage money clubs). There’s a bazillion dog care places here since it’s a very doggy town. Or I can try to hook you up with a friend with a yard or other safe dog-containing space. Hope you are on the road safely soon.

  6. An idea which I emailed you about is the Magic Jack
    30 days free trial then costs 40 some odd dollers then 20.00 a year after that just plug into a usb port then plug a reg. phone into it and viloa free local and long distance phone calls.

  7. i am glad you are okay. i love you. bro too 🙂

    mutt got skunked. again.

  8. I wish we were closer in distance. I offer my help if you are in my area and need it. But Calgary, Canada is a long way from Portland.

    Hugs for you! Hugs for Bro!

  9. if you come to portland and i have the night off, i’ll get a rowdy bunch of rebels to tip you for days!

  10. Hi Hobostripper! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now after finding the link on Urbanscout, another blog that I read. I work at Carnaval, and that would be awesome if you came there while I was working so I could meet you! Usually she (female owner) will let you come right in and work if there aren’t too many other women there already. It is a jack shack, so it doesn’t serve alcohol, and we have to be patient waiting for customers, but you should make at least one-hundred there. It’s best from two-thirty to four in the a.m. It’s located on 3rd and Stark, by the Silverado men’s strip club. There are other pudgy ladies there too, one of which usually hustles the best, aside from the nine-month pregnant one. Come to Carnaval on Tuesday or Thursday when I work so I could talk to you about rewilding in a van!!!

  11. well only you know if your van is worth saving,one way to look at it,you spend $800 near Van is fixed and you can search for a replacement on your own terms,not rushed into a decision,plus the contents of your van,are worth more than $800,picture leaving your van and it’s vandalized while you’re up in Portland trying to make money to buy a new van,often kids will destroy stuff just for the fun of it not realizing what they’re doing,summarize,fix the van,find a place to work,work long enough to get a new van,that’s why I say sacrifice,but then sacrificing for a goal is a good thing.sorry I’m not very good with putting words together.have a great day

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