Masturbation and Selfhood

I’ve said a gazillion times how important it is to be centered and know yourself and your boundaries intimately, as a stripper, but also as any kind of sex worker or woman or person. The best way to be in touch with yourself is, literally, to touch yourself. Touch your whole body every morning, from… Continue reading Masturbation and Selfhood

In Which I Win!

Driving towards the big city I start to get scared when the road goes from two lanes to seven. What was I thinking? I pull off at an exit with a mall and sit in a coffee shop parking lot, watching people. Big city people. Men with pressed khaki pants and women with imperfectly applied,… Continue reading In Which I Win!

Poor Bro

Yesterday I was throwing the ball up these steps for Bro. See, that way he has to run up and down them every time he brings the ball back and he gets tired in like half an hour instead of two hours. But all that Border Collie agility, twisting, dashing up steps, and turning on… Continue reading Poor Bro

Astrological Truths

Uranus in X: She must have an independent career, with no routine, which satisfies her need to move around, travel and which must in particular have an element of risk attached. She is eccentric. Imagine that. 😉


I am posting an ad on the internet, trying to manifest the perfect person that I want to hang out with in this city. I picture it going out into the world, floating through the air on wifi signals, and bumping them in the head. Then they pick up their phone and call me. Yes,… Continue reading Irony

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Possum, on van dwelling

This is my first attempt at video blogging, so cross your fingers and be patient! Possum on Van Dwelling Okay, this might work better?


I’m in the most awesome place, with the most amazing people. I love it here, and now I want my very own goon. I was really sick in the van this morning for the first time, leaning out the side door puking into traffic for hours. It sucked. At least no one called the cops… Continue reading So…