Picture Of The Week: Road Dreams

Remember when I said I got awesome pictures? Well, here they are! The begining, anyways. I’ll probably do one a week until they run out.

So, here I am, face all pretty and upturned to the sun, dreaming about getting on down the road. For now it’s available as an 8 1/2 by 11 print for $15, with free mailing, signing, lipstick smooches, or whatever else you’re into. Click on the buy now button under the picture to order it.


  1. I bet when people said they wanted pictures they had no idea it would be in this form. I like nudes as art but could never do it myself.

    I hope you see some sales from it.


    if one were to buy a print will the fuzz on the face be removed? 😎

  2. Ugh, right about now I’m so jealous of your perfect boobs! 😀 I wish mine were as pretty. And your flawless skin… sigh. 😳

    I hope you make lots of money on those pics, if the universe chooses to play fair this time, you definitely should though.

    Hugs from Switzerland,


  3. First of all real nice photo. Second would it be possible to see more of the van? How much space is there? How is it allocated (food/water/clothes/ junk)? Do you store fuel or just rock with what is in the tank?

    I am interested in how the van living relates to survivalism.

    How much stuff is stored? Going from town to town with little to no storage seems like an aweful vulnerable situation to me (in terms of logistics) but I am a shade paranoid.

  4. Wow… Pictures of a gorgeous young lady and more folks than I would expect come off sounding like brothers and sisters… 😆 “You got any pictures with more of your van???”
    I like the picture next with Bro and fully intend to mash the paypal button soon as I turn in enough scrap to be able to afford it… :mrgreen:

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