Astrological Truths

Uranus in X: She must have an independent career, with no routine, which satisfies her need to move around, travel and which must in particular have an element of risk attached. She is eccentric.

Imagine that. 😉

Sun in Scorpio

Physical energy and courage. Strong passions. Regeneration and improvement. Strong sexual powers.

Weaknesses: She is suspicious, defiant, extremist: she has a vindictive nature. Can turn violent.

Moon in Scorpio

Courageous, brave, independent, not a fearful nature. The type of sensual woman who likes eroticism.

Weaknesses: excesses of pleasures of the flesh, sensual delights and sensuality.

Mercury in Libra

With big ideas, she evaluates and weighs things up. Of good judgement, she expresses herself clearly. Before coming to an opinion on a subject, she listens to the opinions offered by various people and can compare them before making up her own mind.

Weaknesses: she is happy-go-lucky and phlegmatic. The spouse can be unfaithful. Partnerships are unprofitable.

Venus in Sagittarius

Open-heartedness, devotion, generosity, charity, altruism. She likes foreigners or she can find love abroad. Has problems with the family or with the society in which she lives. She looks for affection, love far from the family circle or from the native country.

Weaknesses: she loves adventure and risk, and the unforeseen is always to be expected.

Mars in Virgo

Efficiency, deftness, flexibility, diligence but also ingenuousness.

Weaknesses: she can easily boil over and can get angry over a small detail that gets in the way .

Jupiter in Libra

A high liver with a sweet, attractive and sunny disposition. Likes justice, which she trusts. She knows how to forgive completely.

Weaknesses: she can have problems, because she gets involved in doubtful situations through trusting too much.

Saturn in Libra

Recognized for her seriousness, moral qualities. She is respectable, conscientious.

Weaknesses: not open to new ideas.

Uranus in Scorpio

Intelligent and subtle. Adores research, inquiry, investigation. Very sensual.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Likes long voyages, things foreign, water.

Pluto in Libra

Brings changes.

Sign and ascendant

Scorpio ascendant Sagittarius

The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in VIII

Financial problems ease after marriage.

Moon in X

Changes of situation. She is frightened of getting old and tends to hark back to the past. Influenced by the father. Success due to help from women.

Mercury in VIII

Has a fear of death, but who doesn’t? She can be tormented at night. She likes research, investigation, enquiries. Studies well.

Venus in I

Big-hearted. She is generous, altruistic, devoted, warm-hearted, lovable and sweet-tempered. She is drawn towards the Arts, music, song. She likes gatherings, parties. She has big emotional highs. Peaceful life in love.

Mars in VII

She dominates her associates, colleagues. She is the same in love life, dominating the spouse and this makes for a stormy relationship in prospect.

Jupiter in VIII

She is interested in the occult. She can work in a field associated with death e.g. as a funeral director. Marriage can help financially, the spouse having money.

Saturn in VIII

Financially not very well off, average salary. The spouse is also not rich. Possibility of a small inheritance, which helps a lot. Long life and natural death, if the aspects allow.

Uranus in X

She must have an independent career, with no routine, which satisfies her need to move around, travel and which must in particular have an element of risk attached. She is eccentric.

Neptune in I

She is intuitive, sensitive. Not a fighter and is indecisive.

The houses in the signs

Ascendant in Sagittarius

She will have an intellectual profession. Teaching, research, philosophy, mathematics. Children will be a source of happiness and pride.

House II in Pisces

Easy success in professional life thanks to intelligence, ingeniousness and a few friends. Sheis careful with money without being miserly, because she is generous.

House III in Taurus

One is never better than at home. Not much travelling or taking of a sudden or unexamined initiative. Everything is calculated: the motto is “slowly but surely”.

House IV in Taurus

Makes a good mother. Likes to be at home, with the little family for company. Appreciates comfort, peace and quiet, and simple but good food!. Takes care of what she possesses wisely.

House V in Gemini

Likes to please: She can spend hours in the bathroom, preparing to go out, in the hope of meeting someone to dazzle. Likes interminable discussions with friends.

House VI in Gemini

Good secretary, or equally good sales rep. Weak point: the nerves, sometimes also the lungs.

House VII in Gemini

Marries quite young, and divorces later. A second marriage doubtless with less passion but a lot of friendship. Frightened of living alone in old age.

House VIII in Virgo

Small inheritances. Happy old age, natural death.

House IX in Scorpio

Likes long voyages, especially by sea. Might participate in regattas, likes risk, sport.

House X in Scorpio

Likes professions that involve a certain risk. Those in the police field are recommended. She likes to investigate. She is curious by nature, takes risks and fights to succeed.

House XI in Sagittarius

Loves above all travel, adventure and friends are often from abroad.

House XII in Sagittarius

Problems abroad, or with foreigners, or flight abroad, exile.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on her destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

428 Conjunction Mercury – Saturn

355 Conjunction Venus – Neptune

Her professional life is unstable. She has a taste for the Arts, is a dreamer, is easily influenced and romantic. She is emotional and very sensitive.

244 Conjunction Mercury – Jupiter

She is intelligent, has big ideas: she is tolerant and has a strong sense of justice. She has good judgement, good sense and has her feet on the ground. She has the “gift of the gab”, and likes to speak, she also likes literature. She is erudite and will normally be successful socially.

226 Conjunction Jupiter – Pluto

She likes to direct, is intelligent and is an organizer of the first order.

225 Conjunction Moon – Uranus

She is imaginative and has the Moon’s intuition complemented by Uranus’ independence and originality. Her life is out-of-the-ordinary, with lots of changes and a great knowledge of the world not through reading but through personal experience. She likes the sensational, new things. She acts instinctively, but fortunately has a good sixth sense. She likes to be surrounded by original people, artists.

217 Conjunction Venus – Ascendant

She likes everything beautiful, the Arts, balance and harmony. She is amiable and sociable. She likes entertainment and has a loving nature.

216 Sextile Sun – Mars

She is energetic, determined, courageous, she is full of self-confidence. She likes to dominate, command, direct. She overcomes all difficulties by sheer will-power. She is frank.

175 Sextile Venus – Jupiter

She is good-hearted, generous and has a good character. She likes well-being, comfort, a life without problems. She has good relations with her circle. She is easy to approach. All the same, she falls in love easily. She has a successful married and professional life.

147 Conjunction Moon – Midheaven

She has a sense of family, profound feelings and especially likes children. If there are changes in her professional life, they are for the better.

147 Conjunction Mercury – Pluto

She has a great sense of observation and quickly grasps the situation. She is crafty, subtle and critical.

105 Conjunction Uranus – Midheaven

She must have a job that allows her complete freedom, something non-routine. She likes change, has a lot of energy and knows how to influence others in spite of her originality.

97 Sextile Jupiter – Neptune

She is very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty or sick people. She knows how to listen or, at least, how to give that impression. She is a dreamer, with lots of imagination: she likes the Arts.

93 Sextile Venus – Pluto

Her emotional and sex life is powerful and rich. She lives out truly passionate love affairs.

80 Sextile Mercury – Ascendant

She is intelligent, with quick and lively reflexes. She is preoccupied by her circle, likes to exchange ideas with her friends, but also with strangers. Of an open nature, she goes out to others.

72 Conjunction Jupiter – Saturn

She is serious, patient, honest, hard-working, orderly. Her judgement is good and she thinks over things. She pursues her objectives to the bitter end, always knowing when to choose the right moment. She is upright and respects the law.

63 Conjunction Neptune – Ascendant

She has strange relationships. She is easily influenced, very sensitive and emotional.

33 Sextile Neptune – Pluto

25 Conjunction Saturn – Pluto

She perseveres, achieves her projects through hard work.

17 Sextile Jupiter – Ascendant

She likes meeting friends, around a good meal and in a cordial atmosphere. She is pleasant, jovial and engaging.

-5 Square Moon – Mars

She is very emotional and is driven to do things by her emotions. She does not think things over or through in a given situation. She is irascible and sometimes violent. Marital disputes. 


  1. Very interesting. Preston is a double Scorpio also, although his is Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Rising. His Moon is in Taurus, which just makes him more stubbornly a Scorpio 😉 When I tell people this, responses range from “Holy shit!” to “Oh honey, I’m sorry!” to lecherous winks.

    And one incredible woman who knew more about astrology than I know about everything put together. When she heard Preston’s Scorpio/Scorpio/Taurus, she immediately turned to me and said, “He’s not really hiding anything from you, even though it probably feels like it.”

    I don’t see your rising sign in this breakdown. Do you know it? Oh wait, maybe it says that your Rising sign is Sagittarius?

    Do you blow out light bulbs a lot?

  2. Yeah, I think it’s Sagittarius. And yes, I do blow out light bulbs. And other things. How’d you know?

  3. I’m not sure how the light bulb thing works, but it seems like people who have repeated signs in their Sun/Moon/Rising signs seem to have an extra level of intensity that blows electrical circuits. In the nine years that Preston and I have lived together, I’ve never blown a lightbulb because he blows them out long before me. I’ve run into a few other people with that same trait and double or triple signs.

    It goes along with some extra level of intensity in people in general, but that’s harder to pin down.

    I’m not positive (I don’t really know that much about astrology) but I think your rising sign is based on the time of your birth, so if you gave a different time on this reading, you would get a different rising sign.

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