Possum, on van dwelling

This is my first attempt at video blogging, so cross your fingers and be patient!

Possum on Van Dwelling

Okay, this might work better?


  1. I accessed the video blog, but only got audio no video and the site was weird too. There were buttons for playing it, but that was all. Keep trying!

  2. I only got audio as well, unfortunately. Still, a pretty voice! And I liked hearing possum talk about his different vehicles, good stuff.

  3. I’m apparently having slightly better luck than the other two commenters… I do get video, but it’s at double or quadruple speed. The audio sounds fine. It’s kind of funny seeing Possum move at hyper-speed 🙂

  4. I have both audio and video but the video is fast (which I don’t mind). The video ran out before the audio seemed to, though. I’m on linux but I doubt that matters. If that is your voice it is not hard to listen to. 😉

  5. nothin’ 🙁
    what browser works best with this? i’ve tried firefox and IE with the latest version of quicktime and haven’t seen or heard a thing. any recommendations from commentators with better luck/skillz/whatev? thanks.
    you work your magic, tara. in the meantime, i’ll continue hanging and hoping.

  6. Maaaan….I didn’t get anything either 🙁 But then again, most quicktime-deals (ie downloading free mp3s from music blogs) haven’t been working properly for me since I switched to Firefox (from IE, everything seemed to work then, ironically enough).

    A friend of mine has recommended uninstalling Firefox and installing Firefox Beta, if you seem to be having this problem with other Quicktime apps it should work.

    Hope to see the video sooon….

  7. it’s not your browsers, i downloaded the video (right click, save link as) and played it in vlc (which will play almost anything you throw at it) the video is at fast-forward and the audio cuts out early.

  8. I don’t get anything and it slows down my entire computer while it’s unsuccessfully trying to load. Keep trying, I can’t wait to see the vid!

  9. I got enough to enjoy. I have wanted for a long time to put a voice and a face to Possum’s comments. Your (Tara’s) voice is an added bonus.

    What I got played definitely out of sync, and I don’t think I saw all of what you posted. Thanks all the same.

  10. wow, loved the little documentary!! It was nice to hear your voice and your friend Possum is so sweet. I’d really like to see clips of some of the scenery (rural and city ) you describe – gosh – you’re good enough to have a paying site – sort of a roving visual / blogger/ journalist kinda person. Really Tara, this has great possibilities.


  11. Loved it you have a cute Alaska accent! It was awesome!

    Tell Possom thanks!

    And as to the kind hearted guy in the above post, it restores my faith in people. Its nice people help each other and share what we have.

  12. hurray for video blogging! it was awesome to hear your voice and listen to some of Possum’s experiences.
    on a different note: fiddleheads are in season, tara! (at least in nova scotia). i just picked lots of these yummies by the river, they’re steaming on the stove now. mmmm…..

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