The Whore Diaries

“Aw,” She says. “Poor baby girl, you’ve worked yourself half to death.” “Mmhmm,” I nod sleepily, I have worked every day since I got to Alaska. It’s noon and I have to get up, even though I just got here and fell asleep in the driveway a few hours ago. Healer heard my alarm going… Continue reading The Whore Diaries


I call her first, when I cross into cell phone land. Of course I do. She is my sanity, my guru, my mother figure. A million times she’s birthed my changing with her words, and now she lays in a bed in a big scary city and I roam the world in my van home,… Continue reading Smithereens

If everyone ate this way, there would be no disease…

Darcy finished her nutrition thesis, which is about the nutritional needs of pregnancy. Part of it is a meal plan, which provides all the nutrition you could possibly need to live and not get sick, plus a few extra calories for pregnancy. If you’re at all interested in food, you should go to Darcy’s blog and… Continue reading If everyone ate this way, there would be no disease…


aquinas never understood why he masturbated every morning with those devil women witches in his head. if he would have heard us in her truck at midnight on the steel city overpass proving the pi fibbonaci sequence in the spiraling of hips, in the serpent woman dance of the ancients, he would have seen god… Continue reading Davka

I'm a Beaver Goddess

Jonna and I (and some other people) were talking about killing beavers and eating their yummy tails. Beavers are the yummiest animals, but also the sweetest most balanced human-like animals. If you watch them they never waste a single stick or reed, and they communicate verbally like little children do. They live in small family… Continue reading I'm a Beaver Goddess