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Susan has made another post about the club we’re both at. For me it’s really neat to read because I know where we intersect (like, when she talks about getting accused of illegal activity during a double dance, that was with me!). I hope it’s just as nifty for everyone else. Susan has also started a flickr of photos of strip club signs, which is really hilarious and even more funny to me because I’ve seen most of them in person.

There is a great discussion of porn and feminism (I wish I could join in, but my academic days of being able to so well articulate such things are mostly gone… plus whenever I read what these women have written I’m so impressed that it knocks any ideas of participating right out of me) going on at Being Amber Rhea, Feministe (the Susan B. Anthony of Pole Dancing, hell yeah!), Octagalore (male privilege as well as Feminism, the Fun Kind), and Renegade Evolution (all of it, just read everything she says). Unrelated, but on the same page, there’s a great conversation about ecofeminism going on on

Darcy, aka Shamana Flora, is finally offerring herbal/nutritional consultations. Of all my wise herbalist friends, she is the one who has taught me the most, in the least time, and fixed my moontime fainting. She can diagnose (and fully explain) you’re issues with Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and an incredible western knowledge of how your body works. I mean, she can tell you how your thyroid affects your dopamine affects your estrogen. If you have any need for an herbal consult, I highly recommend her.

Jessica, who is spending A Year In A Car For No Apparent Reason, has just moved into her van and is quickly learning to love the lifestyle, despite an encounter with the police.

Davka, the master phraseologist and my most beloved flakey friend, talks about her broken heart and the meaning of life over at Dragonfly For A Poet.

Also, check out the $pread blog. The last of the art from the Sex Worker Visions art show is for sale on eBay, but hurry this is the last day for it!

If you’re interested in the intricacies and politics of sex work, check out the Sex Professionals of Canada website. (Sex work is like van living – a lot of us love it and do it by choice, but the media tends to focus on the homeless derilects and sex traffiked heroin addicts. In the sex work world, groups like SPOC and $pread help to acknowledge the differences without illigitamatizing anyone’s reality. So check it out.)


  1. Thanks sweetie! I’m honored and so glad you are feeling better during that time! A little comfort goes a long way.

  2. I just wanted to say… what you offer in this blog, in my opinion, is so much more than any feminist discourse could possibly ever be.

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