Herb Conference

The conference was great. To summarize:

– Great spot, great people.
– I love older hippies. They totally inspire me, plus they remind me that I never want to Sell Out and Work For The Man.
– I went totally expecting that everyone would know way more than me. But it turns out that a lot of people didn’t know anything, and that in the general scheme of things I might know a bit more than I thought.
– I made the mistake of going to the classes of all the famous women whose books I’ve read. As usual, what they say in their classes is a shortened, usually dissapointing, version of what was in their books. I mean, I already read the books and think they’re totally amazing and that’s why I want to hear more, not less.
– Janice Schoffield is just as awesome in person as she is in print. She smelled my monkeyflower tincture!
– Another famous herbalist had a bit of an ego problem. Eh, I guess nobody’s perfect.
– There’s herb people in Alaska!
– Great food. Really, really great food.
– Kids threw the ball for Bro. He loved it.
– I learned a lot and have a ton of notes and a bunch of research to do about things I learned.
– I realized I’ve worked, like, every day for two months. I’ve taken six days off. No wonder I’m cranky and bitchy and starting to make crappy money and eat shitty and not excercise and can’t get anything done. Holy crap, what was I thinking? Fuck work, I’m gonna go hang out by the river for a while.

Tomorrow: post one of the hobo stripper materia medica.


  1. I’m so jealous. We haven’t had a herb conference here for years 🙁 Look forward to hearing more.

    Glad to hear nice things said about older hippies. Too many people I know currently are jaded about hippies and just generally slag them off.

  2. Kate, you have Janice Schoffield now!! Surely she’s doing *something* over there?

  3. Ohhh! Herb conference, how cool! There is a lot of yellow monkey flower near where I live… what is the tincture for?

  4. Lizzie, it mostly just reminds me to be joyful about life. It’s very childlike and sweet and teaches you to have fun. I’ve combined it with rose for depression with good results. It’s not really widely used though…

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